myUTMartin Frequently Asked Questions


What is myUTMartin?

The myUTMartin Portal is a website that UT Martin students can use to get access to services that UT Martin provides. For example, when a student uses myUTMartin, they can get access to their UT Martin email account, the Banner Student Information System, the Blackboard Course System, and campus information that is relative to students.


Are you a first-time user or did your password reset?

Your username is the first three letters of your first name, your middle initial, and the first four letters of your last name. Your password is the last 4-digits of your social security number followed by the 3-character birth month (with the first character capitalized) and the last 2-digits of the birth year.

For example:

Name: John Q. Public
SSN: 123-45-6789
Birthday: 01/15/1980

Username: johqpubl
Password: 6789Jan80


But I can already get into my UT Martin email, Banner, and Blackboard. Why do I need to use myUTMartin to do those things?

One of the biggest benefits of myUTMartin is that once you use your username and password to get into the myUTMartin Portal, you will be automatically logged into those other systems, so you don't have to type your usernames and passwords multiple times. You will have one username and one password to remember, which will greatly simplify your life.


In addition to simplifying the username and password requirements, what else can I do with myUTMartin?

A common feature of a true Portal system is that each individual has the ability to 'customize' the screen so that information you want to see is displayed on the screen. So in reality, every person who uses myUTMartin could have a main screen that looks different than everyone else's.


Will I be able to customize every single part of the myUTMartin screen?

No. Some parts of the myUTMartin screen you won't be able to customize. For example, there will be an announcements section that will display a listing of activities and events that will be happening on campus, as well as periodic announcements from the UT Martin administration. That section of the screen will be the same for everyone who uses myUTMartin.


So what types of things will I be able to choose from to customize on my screen?

There will be many things to choose from. Some examples are: your course schedule for the current semester, your grades posted in the Banner system, local weather from any zip code that you choose, movie showtimes, Word of the Day, CNN Headlines, campus polls, and many more!


So will myUTMartin replace the current UT Martin website and the way that I do things now?

No. The UT Martin website will remain in place, and all the features of the current website will remain. You will still be able to access your UT Martin email, Banner, and Blackboard just like you are doing now, if that is what you want to do. The myUTMartin Portal is simply a new feature that we are making available to students to make your life easier and to make campus information more accessible to you.


This sounds like something that I want to try. How do I get started?

If you need help at any time, you can always call the helpdesk at 731-881-7900. If you don't know your username or password to get into myUTMartin, the helpdesk can help you with that as well. To get started using myUTMartin, simply go to the UT Martin website ( type your username and password in the myUTMartin login box, then click the "Login" button. You will then load up the myUTMartin main screen, which you can then begin to customize to fit your needs.


But what if I need help in learning how to use the myUTMartin Portal and customize things?

Located right below the login fields mentioned in question #7, you will see a link that says "Portal Help ". Click on that link to view a list of video tutorials that we have put together to help you learn how to use myUTMartin. If you still need help after watching those tutorials, then call the helpdesk at 731-881-7900. Those tutorials can also be found here.