Accessible Technology Initiative – Implementation Plan and Timeline

Fall 2015 – Fall 2017

Target Date Goal Objective/Action Item Responsible Party Comments Status
Fall 2015 Initial Steps Committee appointed to recommend campus procedures, monitor compliance, provide communications and establish a formal timeline for implementation Chancellor Charge delivered to Accessible Technology Committee on October 2, 2015 from Vice President Katie High Completed
Fall 2015 Initial Steps Request written permission from the National Center for Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) to utilize resources found on their website Web Services Craig Ingram emailed them and received permission via email Completed
Fall 2015 Initial Steps Develop timeline for Accessible Technology Initiative Accessible Technology Committee Due to Chancellor November 25, 2015 Completed
Fall 2015 Compliance Monitoring, Design Process Develop Faculty Course Syllabus Template that is fully accessible Online Studies, Disability Services office, Instructional Technology Center Template waiting approval by Provost Ogg, Fall 2015 Completed
Fall 2015 Awareness Campaign Provide a link on the UT Martin accessibility website to applicable laws pertaining to Accessibility. Develop laymen’s descriptions of the laws. Web Services, Disability Services office   Complete
Fall 2015 Awareness Campaign, Training, Compliance Monitoring, Design Process Launch UT Martin Accessibility Website Web Services, Craig Background, Campus Effort, System Policy, Tools and Resources, Training Opportunities, etc. Complete
Fall 2015 Initial Steps, Training, Awareness Campaign Provide access to archived sessions of the Higher Ground Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference – November 16-20, 2015 Web Services Made available February 2016 Complete
Fall 2015 Awareness Campaign, Training Provide access to Higher Ground Virtual Conference on Accessibility Accessible Technology Committee, Instructional Technology Center, Disability Services office This event was live streamed November 16-20, 2015 to the UTM Campus. Announcements were emailed to the campus beginning November 6, 2015 with subsequent reminders. Completed
Spring 2016 Awareness Campaign Announce Accessibility Technology Initiative (ATI) Accessible Technology Committee Joe will have a draft by Jan. 27. Maybe a slider on the Webpage, should come from chancellor. Short, provide with bullets. We should write it, let Dr. Smith send it after he tweaks it.

3-16-2016 Chancellor Smith sent out a statement to the campus in January 2016
Spring 2016 Compliance Monitoring, Authority and Responsibility, Audience, Awareness Campaign, Compliance Monitoring Develop a written proposal for department/college liaisons Accessible Technology Committee Janet, Will and Craig have a draft, will present at Jan. 27th meeting.

3-16-2016 Written proposal complete in January 2016. Asked the department chairs to begin choosing liaisons
Spring 2016 Prioritization, Compliance Monitoring Identify list of accessible technology on campus including locations Disability Services office, Web Services, Information Technology Services Will and Shannon Null, present on Jan. 27th.

3-16-2016 Placed on the website in February 2016.
List of accessible furniture will be added
Fall 2015 Training Provide training for faculty to create accessible documents Instructional Technology Center First training sessions occurred in the Instructional Technology Center on November 5, 2015. “Making Your Course Materials Accessible” for PC and Mac Users. Derrick Head would include in “How To Teach Online" (HTTO). Ongoing
Fall 2015 Prioritization, Compliance Monitoring, Design Process Prioritize webpages for accessibility evaluation and revision Web Services Identify top 10 most accessed UT Martin websites

3-16-2016 Top 10 have been identified and they are being revised currently
In Progress
Spring 2017 Design Process, Awareness Campaign Make Available a collection of books and resources to aid accessibility efforts Accessible Technology Committee, Paul Meek Library, Online Studies Identify texts and resources for the collection. In Progress
Spring 2017 Compliance Monitoring, Evaluation Accessible Technology Committee will provide annual reports to the Chancellor’s Staff Accessible Technology Committee Annual report to be submitted June Annually
Ongoing Compliance Monitoring, Evaluation, Awareness Campaign Track tasks being worked on by each Accessible Technology Committee member and make public via accessibility website Accessible Technology Committee, Web Services, Craig/Terry Use this spreadsheet, setup in google docs or the like Ongoing
Spring 2017 Compliance Monitoring Conduct accessibility audit of fully developed online courses on Canvas Instructional Technology Center, Online Studies Utilizing National Center for Disability and Access to Education instrument and access checklist. Harriette/Adam will assess OEO's Online Blackboard Courses In Progress
Spring 2016 Training Faculty workshops Instructional Technology Center RITE Grant Proposal submitted to provide workshop training and faculty stipends. Submitted in October, 2015. Workshops will be held May 9, 2016.

1-20-2016 – RITE Grant was approved. Craig will ask Harriette and Tara to attend meeting on Jan. 27.
Fall 2016 Design Process, Compliance Monitoring Develop plan for closed captioning/transcription in online video content Extended Campus and Online Studies, Disability Services office, Will Will is working with 3Play Media for Closed Captioning of any audio or video classroom content. Ongoing
Spring 2016 Evaluation Survey students who are using accessibility services and technologies Disability Services office, Will Survey developed by Will, use Qualtrics software, ready by Mar 23, 2016 meeting.
250 Students who self-report.
170 Students who use services.
Fall 2017 Awareness Campaign, Training Include accessibility standards and processes in new faculty staff orientation and online course training. Extended Campus and Online Studies, Debbie Mount Include training in May

Will contacted Debbie Mount and reviewed the mandatory faculty and staff training on ADA. The program was revised to include the most current standards. Will Flowers will review this training annually
Fall 2017 Training, Awareness Campaign, Compliance Monitoring Maintain current membership in AHEAD (Association on Higher Education And Disability) and send ATC to AHEAD institute/conference or other like conference Accessible Technology Committee, Disability Services office Renewed annually Annually
Spring 2017 Compliance Monitoring, Authority and Responsibility, Audience, Design Process, Training, Evaluation, Exception Process Departments, including online, across campus will routinely/periodically monitor accessibility Department Head, Administrative Assistants can do this Identify an appropriate approach, run accessibility check for syllabi In Progress
Spring 2017 Training, Awareness Campaign Departmental Liaisons Accessible Technology Committee, ITC New Item Added 3-16-2016 In Progress
Spring 2017 Training, Awareness Campaign Matthew Scoggins to speak about accessibility law to faculty, staff and administrators Faculty Senate, Bob Bradley Mr. Scoggins spoke at the Spring 2017 Faculty meeting Complete