The School of Agriculture and Human Environment

Dr. James L. Byford, Dean

The School of Agriculture and Human Environment offers three Bachelor of Science degree programs (Agriculture, Natural Resources Management, and Human Environmental Sciences) and one Master of Science degree program in Human Environmental Sciences. There are five areas of concentration in Agriculture and four concentrations in Natural Resources Management. Pre-professional programs are offered in agricultural engineering, forestry, and veterinary medicine. Complete information about Agricultural and Natural Resources Management curricula may be found on succeeding pages.

In Human Environmental Sciences, an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Environmental Sciences is offered. The major in Human Environmental Sciences includes three areas of concentration. The Department of Human Environmental Sciences is accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences for its undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. In addition, a graduate program leading to a Master of Science degree is offered (see Graduate Study section). For complete information and details about Human Environmental Sciences curricula, refer to the Human Environmental Sciences departmental pages.


Many different types of financial aid are available to incoming freshman, transfer and returning students and may include employment, loans, grants and scholarships. It can be made available for 1 to 4 years depending on the situation. Students should apply for financial aid each year by completing forms from the Student Financial Assistance Office and the School of Agriculture and Human Environment. All forms must be in the two offices by March 1 of each year for the student to be considered in the first round of selecting recipients. The recipient will be notified by the Student Financial Assistance Office in May or early summer.

Application forms may be obtained from:

Student Financial Assistance Office School of Agriculture
205 Administration Building and Human Environment
UT Martin 059 Clement Hall
Martin, Tennessee 38238 UT Martin

Phone: (901) 881-7040 Martin, Tennessee 38238
1-800-829-UTM1 Phone: (901) 881-7250

Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department of Human Environmental Sciences