Child and Family Studies (CFS)

100 Family Life Development (3) Study of family life including beginning relationships, courtships, marriage, reproduction, and parenting with laboratory observations of young children. Examination of changing lifestyles as related to interpersonal relationships and the life cycle.

211 Child Growth and Development (3) Growth and development of children from birth to adolescence in the context of family life. Includes laboratory observations.

303 Family Relationships (3) Factors affecting relationships within families throughout the life cycle. Focus on current lifestyles, changing family forms, cultural diversity, and theoretical perspectives.

311 Developmentally Appropriate Activities (3) Planning, implementing, and evaluating activities for selected developmental stages in the human life cycle. Emphasis on physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and creative activities for young children.

312 Parenting Fathers, Mothers, and Children (3) Parent-child relationships. Emphasis on the uniqueness of parent-child relations at different stages of the life cycle, implications for child guidance, and current issues related to parenthood. Prereq: CFS 100 or instructor’s approval.

313 Child Guidance and Discipline (3) Principles of guidance applicable to family and group situations involving children (all ages into adolescent years, with emphasis on early childhood years). Creating a desirable environment conducive to learning and behavioral development of the child as an individual member of the family and society. Prereq: CFS 100 or instructor’s approval.

411 Preschool Laboratory Practicum (4) Student guidance of children in preschool setting under supervision of the program director. Development of teaching techniques, planning, implementation, and evaluation of creative group activities. Prereq: CFS 100 or CFS 211.

412 Programs for Young Children (3) In-depth study of child care including part-day, full-day, and after-school programs. Emphasis on program philosophy, quality, and standards. Prereq: CFS 100 or instructor’s approval.

442 (642) Developmental Disabilities in Children (3) Etiological factors affecting young children with developmental delays. Cultural, familial, educational, and legal implications. Behavioral characteristics of children observed in early intervention programs. Prereq: Six hours in child development. (Same as Special Ed. 490/690 when title is the same.)

443 (643) Community Care and Curriculum Planning for Developmentally Disabled Preschool Children (3) Resources available for community care of children and families, differentiating individual needs, curriculum planning for home and center based intervention, laboratory experience. Prereq: Six hours in child development. (Same as Special Ed. 490/690 when title is the same.)

740 Ecology of Human Development (3) An examination of human development through the life cycle utilizing an ecological approach.

742 Administration of Programs for Children (3) Organization, curriculum development, and imple-mentation of standards, assuring quality care of children.

744 Theories in Child and Family Studies (3) Selected theories concerning the development of children and families. Historical views, current research, and applications to family life.

751 Resources in Family Life Education (3) Resources useful in developing curriculum content in child and family studies.

753 Assessment in Child and Family Studies (3) Applications of measurement techniques and evaluation methodologies to children and families.

755 Advanced Laboratory Practicum in Child Development (3) Guidance of children, program development, implementation, and evaluation.