Curricula for Human Learning (Pre K-3, K-8 and 1-8 Licensure)

A Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Human Learning is available with three concentrations which can lead to licensure in Pre K-3, K-8, or 1-8 to those students who complete the outlined program of study.

Pre K-3 licensure includes a preschool practicum and a 60 hour supervised kindergarten/primary practicum, other field experiences, and a semester long student teaching assignment in either Pre-K or K and a primary grade of grade one, two, or three.

K-8 and 1-8 licensure includes clock hours of observation participation, clock hours of clinical laboratory experiences, and a semester long program of supervised student teaching at grades K-4 and 5-8. K-8 students also complete a supervised practicum at the kindergarten and primary level.

General Education Requirements (61 Hours)

  1. Communications (9 hours)
  2. Humanities (6 hours)
  3. Social Sciences (12 hours)
  4. Mathematics and Computers (12 hours)
  5. Science (16 hours)
  6. Human Learning