Professional Education Requirements (37-38 Hours)

(Admission to Teacher Education required for courses with an asterisk; see Non-Licensure Option.)

Fine Arts 350 (Pre K-3 Only)
Special Education 300
Special Education 430 (Pre K-3 Only)
Teacher Education 211
Teacher Education 301
*Teacher Education 302 (K-8 and 1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 303 (K-8 and 1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 340 (K-8 and 1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 350 (K-8 and 1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 450 (1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 475 (Pre K-3 and K-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 480 (Pre K-3 Only)
*Teacher Education 485 (Pre K-3 Only)

Student Teaching
*Teacher Education 401
*Teacher Education 402 (1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 402 or 409 (K-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 403 (K-8 and 1-8 Only)
*Teacher Education 409 or 411 (Pre K-3 Only)
*Teacher Education 412 (Pre K-3 Only)

NOTE: For K-8 licensure majors, students may opt to student teach in Kindergarten or grades 1-4.

Non-Licensure Option

Candidates for the non-licensure option of the Pre K-3 concentration must satisfy the concentration requirements for the Child and Family Studies concentration within the Human Environmental Sciences major (see page 97).

Candidates for the non-licensure option of the K-8 and 1-8 concentrations must work out a program of study with their advisor for those hours in place of coursework requiring admission to Teacher Education to be selected from the following coursework: