Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Merchandising (TC&FM)

103 Clothing Construction and Evaluation (3) Basic principles of fitting, pattern alterations, and apparel construction; comparative study of factors influencing quality of ready-made garments. One one-hour lecture and two two-hour labs.

202 Fashion Selection and Personal Image (3) Principles and elements of design applied to the personal and professional clothing needs of men and women.

300 Clothing and Human Behavior (3) Functional and sociocultural aspects of dress and adornment in world cultures. Historical, technical, and economic influences. Prereq: Six hours of social science.

303 Textiles (3) Consumer-oriented study of textiles emphasizing properties of fiber and fabric in relation to the selection, use, and care of apparel and household textiles. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab.

305 Fashion Industry Processes (3) Survey of the fashion industry from apparel production to marketing and distribution.

306 Visual Merchandising (3) The exploration of creative techniques utilized in the display of retail fashion merchandise and their effective application to the enhancement of product saleability. A study of local and regional markets.

307 Fashion Promotion (3) Fashion marketing communication techniques used to promote fashion merchandise. Evaluation of fashion retail sales promotion strategies.

308 Buying Functions in Merchandising (3) A comprehensive analysis of the buying structure, institutions, and environments. Emphasis on buying practices, activities, techniques, and underlying concepts fundamental to merchandising; computer applications. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: Junior standing.

309 Fashion Merchandising Tour (1) Tour of wholesale and retail establishments in national fashion centers. A maximum of three hours credit can be counted toward a major.

405 Fashion Chronology (3) Apparel from ancient to modern times; factors influencing the development of contemporary fashion.

412 (612) Environmental Textiles (3) Selection of textiles based on design, use, and care in environ-mental applications. Prereq: TCFM 303 recommended.

415 (615) Fashion Design (4) Principles of fashion design using flat pattern techniques and computer aided design applications; including advanced clothing construction techniques. One one-hour lecture, two three-hour labs. Prereq: TCFM 103 or instructor’s approval. Graduate students will be required to complete a research project resulting in a written paper.

702 The Textiles and Clothing Consumer (3) Consumer problems as encountered during the life cycle; legislation and quality standards of current textile products.

703 Textile and Apparel Industry Issues (3) Domestic and international issues of current importance in the textile and apparel industry; production, consumption, and governmental policies.

704 Social, Psychological, and Aesthetic Analysis of Apparel (3) Analysis of social science theories and concepts applicable to clothing and appearance.