The College of Humanities and Fine Arts

The University of Tennessee at Martin

Dr. E. Jerald Ogg, Interim Dean


Through its varied programs, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts seeks to develop independent and creative thinking which will enrich the lives of its graduates and enable them to become responsible, skilled, and participating members of their communities. Through its courses, the college also provides the background from which to explore areas of knowledge and to enhance lifelong personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts has six main objectives in keeping with the University’s commitment to excellence in undergraduate education:

  1. To offer a strong program designed to acquaint individuals with broad and representative knowledge; to develop skill in thought and expression; and to instill the capacity to use that knowledge constructively and responsibly.
  2. To offer high quality academic and professional programs.
  3. To offer a program to enhance the intellectual and civic competence not only of majors within the college but of individuals from all university divisions.
  4. To foster a climate of intellectual curiosity within which scholarly activities and research can extend the boundaries of knowledge.
  5. To promote interdisciplinary studies through which students gain insights that lead to a synthesis of liberal and professional education.
  6. To provide public services to the communities outside the institution.

Degree Programs & Majors/Minors

The departments within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts offer the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Fine and Performing Arts (emphases in Art/Design, Art Education, Dance, Graphic Design, and Theatre) and the Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Music (Performance and Music Education options). They also provide majors/submajors and minors in support of the uinversity's Bachelor or Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees as indicated in the following table:





African-American Studies     X
Art     X
Communications X X X
Dance     X
English X   X
French X   X
German     X
History X X X
International Studies X   X
Music X X X
Philosophy X   X
Religious Studies     X
Spanish X   X
Theatre     X
Women's Studies     X

Student Advisement

Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor: by the appropriate chair if the students has declared a major; or by the Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts for an undeclared major. Advisors will aid the students in selecting and scheduling appropriate courses and will be available to counsel the student in all matters pertaining to their academic program and career objectives.