Botany (BOT)

301 Foundations of Botany (3) A study of the structure, function, diversity and significance of photosynthetic organisms from the cyanobacteria through the vascular plants, as well as major representatives of the fungi. Two hours lecture and two hours lab. Prereq: BIOL 110-120.

302 Plant Morphology (3) A study of the major groups of photosynthetic organisms with respect to comparative anatomy, reproductive patterns, development, and phylogenetic relationships. Two hours lecture and two hours lab. Prereq: BOT 301 or permission of instructor.

303 Plant Taxonomy (3) Principles of plant taxonomy. Classification of selected vascular plant families and identification of common Tennessee plants. Use of keys and manuals. Lectures, laboratory, and field trips. Two one-hour lectures and one three-hour lab. Prereq: BIOL 110-120.

421 (621) Plant Function and Development (3) Interrelations between function and structure of vascular plants including nutrition, transpiration, transport, photosynthesis, respiration, flowering, growth and development, and senescence. Two one-hour Iectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: BIOL 110-120 and Chem 121-122.

431 (631) Plant Ecology (3) Relations of plants to their environment with emphasis on climate and biotic factors influencing their structure, growth, behavior, and distribution.

432 (632) Plant Ecology Laboratory (1) Laboratory and field studies in the methods and principles of plant ecology. One two-hour lab. Coreq: BOT 431.