Business Law (BLAW)

201 Legal Environment of Business (3) A survey of law comprising the legal environment of the business community. Legal ethics, constitutional and administrative law, anti-trust law, product liability law, labor law, environmental law, and international law.

301 Business Law I (3) Basic principles of the law of contracts, including the elements of a valid contract, performance, and remedies for breach of contract. The law of agency. The law of partnerships. Emphasis on the Uniform Commercial Code. Prereq: At least a grade of C in BLAW 201.

302 Business Law II (3) Fundamental laws and concepts relating to corporations, sales of property, secured transactions, commercial paper, and bankruptcy. Relevant provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. Prereq: At least a grade of C in BLAW 201.

311 Employment and Labor Law (3) Analysis of the many federal, state, and local laws which regulate the recruitment, selection, employment, promotion, pay, and dismissal of employees.

401 Real Estate Law I (3) Legal nature of property and rights therein. Real estate contracts, deeds, leases, mortgages, and other real estate instruments. Testate and intestate transfers of property A comprehensive course covering all common legal problems involved in real estate ownership and various phases of the real estate business. Excellent in preparing for state licensing examinations.

701 Advanced Business Law (3) Advanced study of legal concepts and the legal environment governing business organizations and professional firms. Includes material concerning governmental regulation, business ethics, professional liability, licensing requirements, and fiduciary relationships. Prereq: BLAW 301 or equivalent.

711 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (3) Today's managers are expected to make decisions that comply with legal and ethical principles. This course increases awareness of legal and regulatory controls that impact business dealings with government agencies, consumers, employees, competitors, investors, and the general public. Students will be helped to identify and address major legal and ethical issues to avoid potential liability and to maintain ethical integrity in a competitive global marketplace.