Consumer Resource Management (CRMG)

202 Consumers and the Market (3) Consumers as purchasing agents in a complex marketplace. Buyer-seller relationship, effective decision making and consumer protection practices.

205 Cultural Etiquette (3) Protocols and strategies integrating modern lifestyles with the proprieties of social and business conduct, interactions within multicultural and international settings. For non-departmental majors only.

210 Leadership Roles in Resident Settings (3) Assessment of leadership styles and skills applicable to resident settings. Development of personal competencies essential for leadership roles among persons in resident groups.

302 Personal and Family Finance (3) Financial planning for attaining individual and family goals. Individual and household management of resources and private measures to reduce economic risks. Federal tax system, investments, and estate planning.

403 (603) Housing and Home Equipment (3) Analysis of home equipment needs, selection, use, and care. Evaluation of recent developments. Space planning to maximize effective use of equipment. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab.

413 (613) Resource Management for Special Groups (3) Allocations and adaptations of personal and family resources for special groups: physically and mentally handicapped, aged, low-income, single heads of household, and social re-entries from institutions. Prereq: Six hours of courses in human environmental sciences or instructor’s approval.

711 Consumption and Standards of Living (3) Economic and welfare aspects of consumption. Analysis of factors associated with changes in the standard of living. Review of major consumption studies. Prereq: CRMG 202 or consent of instructor.

712 Housing Programs and Policies (3) Analysis of private and public programs and policies designed to promote realization of suitable homes and living environments for households. Economic and social problems related to national housing objectives.

713 Environmental Design (3) Examination of major research and theory development. Application to user needs in residential, commercial, and social institutional settings. Prereq: INTD 303 or consent of instructor.

722 Management and Family Resources (3) Examination of current trends and research. Focus on effects of change in family resources on structures and heads of households.

723 Consumer Economics (3) Consumer functions in the economy; structure of consumer markets; government action relating to consumer; factors affecting prices of consumer goods. Prereq: CRMG 202 and 302 or consent of instructor.