Office of Extended Campus and Continuing Education

William R. Duffy II, Director
Ruth Coleman, Assistant Director

The Office of Extended Campus and Continuing Education (ECCE) serves as an outreach entity for the university by providing support to the mission of public service and economic, educational and cultural development of the service area. These outreach efforts are accomplished by offering educational and training opportunities for the non-traditional student through degree and non-degree programs and courses. Educational opportunities are provided in many formats and at various locations to accommodate working adults and other part-time students.

Outreach activities include responsibility for managing the University of Tennessee at Martin McNairy County Center/Selmer and the Jackson Center. Degree and non-degree courses are offered at the full-service centers by traditional lecture, distance learning, and online courses.

How to Contact ECCE

ECCE's offerings can be easily accessed at their home page.

Main Campus
110 Gooch Hall
(901) 587-7080
605 Airways Blvd
(901) 425-4752
1269 Tennessee Avenue
(901) 646-1636

Degree Programs/Courses

Extended Campus and Continuing Education offers an extensive schedule of college credit courses at extended-campus sites in the evening and on weekends. Programs and courses based on student need are offered throughout West Tennessee with primary locations in Jackson, Oak Ridge, Paris, Union City, Ripley, Camden, and Selmer. The courses carry full-residence credit and provide an opportunity for working adults and other interested students to work toward a bachelor's degree or master's degree, gain professional recertification, occupational upgrading, or simply study in academic areas of interest. All requirements for the Master of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy may be completed on site in both Jackson and Oak Ridge. The Master of Science in Education with a major in teaching may be completed on-site in Jackson.

Dual Credit

ECCE offers dual credit courses on-site to high school students in West Tennessee. These courses depend on high school's needs and scheduling. High school students who meet the requirements for Concurrent/Dual Admission (see "Undergraduate Admission Procedures and Requirements") qualify to participate. Students receive college credit for courses.

Non-Degree Programs/Courses
All Locations

The University offers a wide range of non-degree programs which address specific educational and training needs of the service area. Non-degree programs are non-formal educational offerings which qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU) and are a permanent record in the Office of Academic Records. Many of the non-degree educational offerings provide the participant with a Certificate of Completion. A complete listing of UT Martin's non-degree offerings may be obtained from the main campus ECCE at (901) 587-7082 or at UT Martin has the capabilities to downlink teleconferences.

Non-degree programs include seminars, workshops, conferences, and special-interest events relevant to the educational interests of the university community. These include business and industry, professional groups, and the general public. These programs can be designed to meet specific educational and training needs and can be offered at a time convenient to the consumer. Many non-degree programs are offered on-site to businesses and industry and are designed to address educational and training needs specific to the individual organization. Programs can be developed to meet certification and in-service requirements of many professional groups.

Professional Development

Professional Development courses are available to meet yearly in-service requirements in the following fields: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for attorneys; Professional Development Hours (PDH) for architects, engineers, landscape and interior designers; Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for accountants; and in-service for firefighters, law enforcement, and educators.

The Office of Public Service offers specialized training for law enforcement through its Institute of Professional Development (IPD). This specialized training is offered primarily on-campus. Law enforcement officers nationwide attend these schools and the instruction is taught by law enforcement personnel with expertise in the individual areas. All programs are approved by the Peace Officer Standards Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission.

Programs for Youth

Non-degree courses are available for all ages. Programs for children are developed based on educational need. UT Martin's Annual Kid College, conducted the second and third weeks of June, is for children from 5 years to teenage. Over 60 classes are offered each year in areas such as Science, Reading, Fine and Performing Arts, and Physical Activities. Kid College also include a space program, and each year one student earns a scholarship to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.