Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education is the integration of classroom theory with practical experience by means of alternating specific periods of attendance at the university with specific periods of employment.

The following factors are used to adhere to this definition: (1) The student’s work should be related to his/her field of study and individual interest within the field. (2) The employment must be considered to be regular, continuing, and an essential element in the educational process. (3) The working experience will ideally increase in difficulty and responsibility as the student progresses through the academic curriculum.

Any UT Martin instructional unit that develops an academic program which permits students to rotate the semesters at the University and the periods of employment may participate.

Academic Credit

Cooperative Education students enroll in (Academic Major) 201C-202C-203C-204C-205C-206C (1,1,1,1,1,1) Cooperative Education Experience and receive one semester hour credit per work period. Academic qualifications and career training positions, as available, are determined by the Coordinator of Employment Information Services or the academic advisor from the participating instructional unit who assigns a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade for the courses. Normally, failing grades will not be given except in cases where students have been dismissed by their employers for unsatisfactory performance or students leave their jobs prior to completion of a work period without proper approval from their academic advisor or the Coordinator of Employment Information Services. In order to receive credit, the students must submit a work report, and the employers are requested to submit an Employer’s Rating Form for each work period.

Students majoring in programs which require, or accept, internship credit for professional experience may elect to enroll in (Academic Major) 301C-302C (2-6, 2-6) Cooperative Education and Internship Experience and receive two to six semester hours credit per work period. To receive this experience, approval of the academic advisor and the Coordinator of Employment Information Services is required. To enroll, students must have, at least, junior status. An academic advisor from the participating instructional unit is assigned to help coordinate the internship experience and assign letter grades. The students are required to maintain all work reports necessary to satisfy the cooperative education requirements plus any additional assignments.

No more than twelve total credit hours for the entire Cooperative Education Experience and/or Cooperative Education and Internship Experience may be earned. Internship credit hours count toward the requirements of the Baccalaureate Degree and are not additive. The specific instructional units under which the students participate in the program determine the degree requirements for which the work experience substitutes.

Student Status

To be eligible for the Cooperative Education program, students must have completed their freshman year and have a 2.3 GPA. Students in a co-op work assignment are considered full-time students of the University of Tennessee at Martin and have the same general status as students in attendance at the University.

Student fees are assessed according to the current per semester hour rate as shown under Financial Information. Information about the program and how to apply can be obtained in the Office of Counseling and Career Services (901-587-7740).