Course Descriptions

The University of Tennessee at Martin

Description of Courses

Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by discipline name. The discipline abbreviation appears in parentheses immediately after the discipline name. The "Schedule of Courses" issued each semester by the Office of Academic Records lists courses alphabetically by discipline abbreviatoin, not discipline name. See the following table for a list of all disciplines listed alphabetically by discipline abbreviation.

Courses taken for Graduate Credit (numbered 500, or above) have additional requirements for completion with graduate credit. Graduate students will be expected to perform at a more rigorous level. Additional content will be required. Graduate students will be expeted to complete additional projects.

Modern Foreign Language courses designated as Elementary or Intermediate must be taken and passed in sequence. Placement tests are given in the Department Office, upon request, to students with prior experience with French, German, or Spanish in order to place them at an appropriate level.

ACCT Accounting   HIST History
AGEC Agricultural Economics   HLRN Human Learning
AGED Aricultural Education   HLTH Health
AGET Agricultural Engineering Technology   HONR Honors Seminar
AGRI Agriculture   HPER Human Performance
ANSC Animal Science   IDST Interdisciplinary Studies
ANTH Anthropology   INEG Engineering, Industrial
ART Art   INFS Information Systems
ARTE Art Education   INTD Interior Design
ASTR Astronomy   JAPN Japanese
BADM Business Administration   LIBS Library Services
BCHE Biochemistry   MATH Mathematics
BIOL Biology   MBIO Microbiology
BLAW Business Law   MGT Management
BOT Botany   MILS Military Science
BUED Business Education   MKTG Marketing
CFS Child and Family Studies   MUAP Music, Applied
CHEM Chemistry   MUED Music Education
CJ Criminal Justice   MUEN Music Ensembles
COMM Communications   MUS Music
CRMG Consumer Resource Management   NRM Natural Resources Management
CSCI Computer Science   NURS Nursing
DANC Dance   NUTR Nutrition
DSED Driver Safety Education   PACT Physical Activity
ECON Economics   PHIL Philosophy
EDAS Educational Administration and Supervision   PHYS Physics
EDEV Educational Evaluation   PLSC Plant Science
EDFN Educational Foundations   PORT Portuguese
EDPG Educational Psychology and Guidance   POSC Political Science
EDST Educational Studies   PRAD Park and Recreation Administration
ELED Elementary Education   PSYC Psychology
ELEG Engineering, Electrical   READ Reading
ENGL English   RLST Religious Studies
ENGR Engineering   RUSS Russian
FA Fine Arts   SEDU Secondary Education
FCS Family and Consumer Sciences   SOC Sociology
FCSE Family and Consumer Sciences Education   SOIL Soil Science
FIN Finance   SPAN Spanish
FREN French   SPED Special Education
FSCI Food Science   SWRK Social Work
FSMG Food Systems Management   TCED Teacher Education
GDES Graphic Design   TCFM Textiles, Clothing, and Fashion Merchandising
GENS General Studies   THEA Theatre
GEOG Geography   UNSC University Scholars
GEOL Geology   WBIO Wildlife Biology
GERM German   ZOOL Zoology
GREK Greek