Curricula for Secondary Teachers (7-12)

Students who plan to teach in grades 7-12 will follow similar programs during the first two years. The electives in all areas should be carefully chosen so that the student can complete professional and subject matter requirements for graduation and licensure in the chosen subject matter teaching fields.

NOTE: Persons wishing to be non-licensure secondary subject majors should consult with an appropriate advisor regarding the university's Bachelor in Arts/Bachelor of Science degree requirements.

General Education Requirements (62 hours)

These requirements are based on a concept of human development which sees the individual as having unique interests and needs; therefore, a number of options are provided so that the student may build an individualized curriculum within the broad framework of the academic disciplines.

  1. Communications (9 Hours)
  2. Humanities (12 Hours)
  3. Social Science (12 Hours)
  4. Mathematics and Computers (6 Hours)
  5. Science (16 Hours)
  6. Health and Human Performance (7 Hours)