Professional Education Requirements (34 Hours)

(Admission to Teacher Education required for courses marked with an asterisk.)

Special Education 300
Teacher Education 301
*Teacher Education 302
*Teacher Education 303
*Teacher Education 305
*Teacher Education 340
*Teacher Education 350
*Teacher Education 401
*Teacher Education 406 (K-12 Only)
*Teacher Education 407 (K-12; Preschool/Early Childhood-1)
*Teacher Education 408 (Preschool/Early Childhood Only)

Non-Licensure Option

Non-licensure Special Education majors will work out a program of study with their advisor for those hours in place of coursework requiring admission to Teacher Education to be selected from the following coursework:

Any upper-division education course not requiring admission to teacher education
Any upper-division psychology course
Agriculture 450
Any upper-division subject matter course in the areas of English, History, Political Science, Economics, Health, Geography or Physical Education
Any Child and Family Studies course
Any laboratory science