Food Science (FSCI)

200 Food Principles (3) Basic principles of food science in developing products of standard quality. Influence of composition and treatments on properties of food. Standard methods of food preparation with emphasis on quality and safety. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab.

313 Food Management (3) Food for families and individual consumers. Bases for selection, costs, food values, safety, legislation. Etiquette and aesthetics associated with planning and serving food. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: FSCI 200 or instructor's approval.

332 Nature of Food (3) Composition of food. Chemical, physical, and microbiological factors related to characteristics and response to treatments. Two one-hour Iectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: CHEM 310, CHEM 319L, and MBIO 251, or equivalent.

403 (603) Experimental Study of Food (3) Applications of experimental method to food materials. Evaluation of food products by objective measurements and sensory assessments. One one-hour lecture and two two-hour labs. Prereq: FSCI 332, CHEM 310, CHEM 319L, or equivalent.

701 Advanced Food Science (3) Applications of research methods to individual problems. Prereq: FSCI 403 or equivalent.

704 Developments in Food Science (3) Emphasis on function of food components, safety, and utility in food product development.