Graphic Design (GDES)

322 Graphic Design Applications (3) Computer-based design, tools, and practices through actual use in the design laboratory. A brief history of graphic design placing issues of the new media in context with the aesthetics of visual art. Prereq: ART 221-222 and ART 241-242, or permission of instructor.

325 Advertising Design (3) An introduction to print-based advertising design. Advertising strategy and production using industry standard computer software applications. Strong emphasis placed upon conceptual development and print based graphic design aesthetics. Prereq: ART 221-222 and ART 305 or permission of instructor.

335 Photography and Digital Imagery (3) An introduction to the use of the camera within the context of digital image manipulation. Development of a heightened level of visual literacy. Production of aesthetic digital imagery that is highly conceptual and personal. Prereq: ART 221-222, ART 305 (may be taken concurrently with Art 305) or permission of instructor.

345 Digital Photography (3) Advanced studio work specifically utilizing the digital camera and a variety of software applications to create digital imagery for multiple users and platforms. Concentration on development of a personal aesthetic. Prereq: GDES 335

425 Interactive Multimedia (3) An introduction to sequential interactive information delivery systems. Exploration, composition, and delivery of complex multimedia content in user-driven formats such as the World Wide Web or other interactive media authoring solutions. Incorporation of digital and traditional media including sound, imagery, and digital video into finished presentations which reflect visual literacy and sensitivity to digital aesthetics. Prereq: ART 221-222, ART 305, and FA 410 or GDES 325 and permission of instructor.

450 Internship in Graphic Design (3) Application of graphic design skills and practices in a supervised assignment with an appropriate commercial or professional organization. Prereq: senior standing and all 300-level courses in the Graphic Design Area of Emphasis or permission of instructor.