Courses Offered by Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Accounting 201-202 Fundamentals of Accounting I-II
Accounting 300 Accounting for Non-Business Students
Accounting 301-302 Intermediate Accounting I-II
Accounting 311 Managerial Accounting
Accounting 321 Cost Accounting
Accounting 401 Internal Auditing
Accounting 402 Financial Statement Auditing
Accounting 421 Advanced Cost Management
Accounting 431-432 Federal Income Taxes I-II
Accounting 441 Advanced Accounting
Accounting 461 Accounting Information Systems
Accounting 480 Internship in Accounting
Accounting 490 Independent Study in Accounting
Accounting 701 Advanced Topics in Auditing
Accounting 710 Business Analysis Using Financial Statements
Accounting 711 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Accounting 721 Advanced Topics in Cost Accounting
Accounting 731 Advanced Topics in Tax
Accounting 741 Advanced Topics in Accounting
Accounting 751 Accounting for Nonprofit Entities
Accounting 780 Internship in Accounting
Accounting 791 Accounting Theory
Accounting 799 Individual Readings and Research in Accounting
Business Administration 444 Practicum in Business
Business Administration 495 Executive Seminar
Business Administration 710 International Study
Business Administration 790-98 Special Topics in Business
Business Administration 799 Independent Study in Business Administration
Business Law 201 Legal Environment of Business
Business Law 301-302 Business Law I-II
Business Law 311 Employment and Labor Law
Business Law 401 Real Estate Law I
Business Law 701 Advanced Business Law
Business Law 711 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Economics 100 American Enterprise System
Economics 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
Economics 202 Principles of Microeconomics
Economics 311 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Economics 312 Macroeconomic Theory
Economics 321 International Economics
Economics 322 Economic Development
Economics 331 Money and Banking
Economics 333 International Business
Economics 335 Public Finance
Economics 351 Business Forecasting
Economics 411 Managerial Economics
Economics 416 Development of Economic Thought
Economics 417 Market Structures
Economics 471-79 Topics in Economics
Economics 480 Internships in Economics
Economics 491-92 Independent Study in Economics
Economics 710 Managerial Economics
Economics 711 Economics for Secondary Teachers
Economics 712 Economics for Elementary Teachers
Economics 713 Selected Topics in Economics
Economics 720 International Business and Economics
Finance 260 Financial Planning
Finance 301 Managerial Finance
Finance 302 Intermediate Managerial Finance
Finance 311 Investment Analysis
Finance 313 Analysis of Financial Statements
Finance 332 International Finance
Finance 341 Financial Markets and Institutions
Finance 351 Commercial Banking
Finance 370 Principles of Real Estate
Finance 415 Options and Futures
Finance 461 Seminar in Banking
Finance 471-79 Topics in Finance
Finance 480 Internships in Finance
Finance 491-92 Independent Study in Finance
Finance 493 Financial Policy Analysis
Finance 710 Corporate Financial Management
Finance 711 Investment and Portfolio Management
Finance 721 Banking and Financial Services
Finance 732 International Corporate Finance

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.