Courses Offered by Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agricultural Economics 110 Introduction to Agricultural Business
Agricultural Economics 210 Computer Applications in Agribusiness
Agricultural Economics 301-302 Special Problems
Agricultural Economics 325 Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy
Agricultural Economics 335 International Agricultural Trade
Agricultural Economics 345 Agribusiness and Scientific Sales
Agricultural Economics 364 Agricultural Marketing
Agricultural Economics 375 Environmental and Agricultural Law
Agricultural Economics 385 Agribusiness Market Planning
Agricultural Economics 395 Farm Real Estate Appraisal
Agricultural Economics 401-402 (601-602) Research Participation
Agricultural Economics 445 (645) Natural Resources Economics
Agricultural Economics 465 (665) Agricultural Finance
Agricultural Economics 471 (671) Agricultural Management
Agricultural Economics 701 Research or Internship in Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics 735 Seminar in International Agricultural Trade
Agricultural Education 310 Integrated Agricultural Education Studies
Agricultural Education 404 Student Teaching Grades 7-8
Agricultural Education 405 Student Teaching Grades 9-12
Agricultural Education 430-440 (630-640) Problems in Improvement of Instruction
Agricultural Education 450-460 (650-660) Problems in Agribusiness and Natural Resources Education
Agricultural Education 470 (670) Problems in Agricultural Education
Agricultural Education 740 Seminar in Vocational Agriculture for First Year Teachers
Agricultural Education 741 Supervision of Student Teaching in Agriculture
Agricultural Education 770 Program Development for Agricultural Mechanics Instruction
Agricultural Education 771 Program Development for Future Farmers of America Instruction
Agricultural Engineering Technology 110 Introduction to Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Engineering Technology 210 Internal Combustion Engines
Agricultural Engineering Technology 220 Surveying and Soil and Water Engineering
Agricultural Engineering Technology 301-302 Special Problems
Agricultural Engineering Technology 310 Food Engineering Technology
Agricultural Engineering Technology 350 Agricultural Power and Machinery Management
Agricultural Engineering Technology 370 Agricultural Mechanics Shop
Agricultural Engineering Technology 401-402 (601-602) Research Participation
Agricultural Engineering Technology 450 (650) Agricultural Structures
Agricultural Engineering Technology 460 (660) Waste Management Technology
Agricultural Engineering Technology 482 (682) Precision Technologies for
Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
Agricultural Engineering Technology 701 Research or Internship in Agricultural Engineering Technology
Agricultural Engineering Technology 710 Safety and Ergonomic Sciences in Agriculture
Agricultural Engineering Technology 781 Agricultural Operations Management Seminar
Agricultural Engineering Technology 782 Advanced Precision Technologies for Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
Agricultural Engineering Technology 784 Agricultural Systems Science
Agricultural Engineering Technology 785 Decision and Information Systems in Agriculture
Agriculture 120 Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture 230 International Travel Studies in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture 295 International Food and Fiber Systems
Agriculture 390 Agriculture Seminar
Agriculture 411 Fundamentals of Cooperative Extension
Agriculture 420 Supervised Field Experience
Agriculture 441 (641) Interpretation of of Agricultural Research
Agriculture 450 (650) Dynamics and Development of Leadership in Natural Resources Management
Agriculture 481-482 (681-682) Seminar
Agriculture 720 Research or Internship in Agriculture
Agriculture 732 International Travel Study
Animal Science 110 Introduction to Animal Science
Animal Science 119 Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory
Animal Science 120 Basic Equitation
Animal Science 210 Introduction to Horse Science
Animal Science 230 Exotic and Companion Animal Management
Animal Science 240 Live Animal and Carcass Selection and Evaluation
Animal Science 260 Behavior and Welfare of Farm and Companion Animals
Animal Science 301-302 Special Problems
Animal Science 305-306 Practicum in Animal Science
Animal Science 320 Farm Animal Health
Animal Science 330 Basic Meat Science
Animal Science 340 Basic Animal Nutrition
Animal Science 350 Applied Animal Nutrition
Animal Science 360 Breeding and Improvement of Farm Animals and Poultry
Animal Science 371 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
Animal Science 372 Applied Animal Reproduction
Animal Science 380 (580) Livestock Merchandising
Animal Science 400 International Studies in Animal Agriculture
Animal Science 401-402 (601-602) Research Participation
Animal Science 410 (610) Beef Sciences
Animal Science 420 (620) Swine Science
Animal Science 430 Horse Science
Animal Science 441-442 Advanced Meat Animal Evaluation and Livestock Selection
Animal Science 451 Equine Selection and Evaluation
Animal Science 460 (660) Dairy Science and Practices
Animal Science 470 Poultry Science
Natural Resources Management 100 Introduction to Natural Resource Management
Natural Resources Management 101 Wildlife, Conservation, and Environmental Issues
Natural Resources Management 200 Interpretive Tours--Practicum
Natural Resources Management 210 Mediating Environmental Conflicts
Natural Resources Management 230 International Travel Studies in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Natural Resources Management 301-302 Special Problems
Natural Resources Management 350 Environmental Regulation
Natural Resources Management 375 Environmental and Agricultural Law
Natural Resources Management 390 Natural Resources Management Seminar
Natural Resources Management 401-402 (601-602) Research Participation
Natural Resources Management 410 (610) Farm Forestry
Natural Resources Management 420 Supervised Field Experience
Natural Resources Management 440 (640) Regional Studies in Natural Resources Management
Natural Resources Management 450 (650) Dynamics and Development of Leadership in Natural Resources Management
Natural Resources Management 461 Selected Topics in Natural Resources Management
Park and Recreation Administration 100 Fundamentals of Park and Recreation Administration
Park and Recreation Administration 110 Park Management
Park and Recreation Administration 200 Recreation Leadership and Programming
Park and Recreation Administration 220 Outdoor Recreation
Park and Recreation Administration 300 Computer Applications in PRA
Park and Recreation Administration 310 Recreation Area Design and Comprehensive Planning
Park and Recreation Administration 315 Special Event Management in PRA
Park and Recreation Administration 321 Landscape Management
Park and Recreation Administration 400 (600) Interpretation of Natural and Cultural Resources
Park and Recreation Administration 410 (610) Financing, Managing, and Marketing Recreation Services
Park and Recreation Administration 430 Supervised Field Experience
Plant Science 110 Introductory Plant and Soil Science
Plant Science 242 Fundamentals of Horticulture
Plant Science 250 Crop Evaluation
Plant Science 260 Landscape Equipment and Technology
Plant Science 301-302 Special Problems
Plant Science 305 Introduction to Pesticides
Plant Science 321 Landscape Management
Plant Science 322 Introductory Plant Pathology
Plant Science 324 Landscape Construction Techniques
Plant Science 333 (533) Weed Science
Plant Science 334 Lawn and Turf Management
Plant Science 341 Dendrology and Forest Ecology
Plant Science 342 Fruit and Vegetable Production
Plant Science 345 Fruit and Vegetable Products
Plant Science 363 Plant Identification and Propagation
Plant Science 365 Greenhouse Crops and Management
Plant Science 401-402 (601-602) Research Participation
Plant Science 422 (622) Forage Crops
Plant Science 431 (631) Principles of Plant Breeding
Plant Science 433 (633) Field Crop Production
Plant Science 445 Plants, Environment and Design
Plant Science 462 Environmental Landscape Design
Plant Science 471 Golf Course Management
Soil Science 210 Soil Science
Soil Science 250 Soil and Landscape Evaluation
Soil Science 301-302 Special Problems
Soil Science 315 Soil and Water Conservation
Soil Science 321 Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification
Soil Science 401-402 Research Participation
Soil Science 412 (612) Soil Chemistry and Fertility
Soil Science 420 Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
Soil Science 421 Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Laboratory
Soil Science 430 Wetland Science
Wildlife Biology 220 Wildlife Damage Management
Wildlife Biology 250 Principles of Wildlife Management
Wildlife Biology 320 White-tailed Deer
Wildlife Biology 330 Wildlife Biopolitics
Wildlife Biology 340 Wildlife Law Enforcement and Public Relations
Wildlife Biology 350 Wildlife Management Techniques
Wildlife Biology 441 Forensic Techniques in Wildlife Biology
Wildlife Biology 450 Wildlife Habitat Management

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.