Business Administration (BADM)

444 Practicum in Business (3 - As Needed) Field research of such topics as ongoing accounting system evaluation, financial management and control, personnel evaluation and administration, and market and market analysis. Students are expected to diagnose organizational problems and recommend a business plan of action. Prereq: Senior or graduate standing.

495 Executive Seminar (1 - As Needed) A study of current social and economic issues related to business. The course is taught by a company executive or high ranking official of an organization.

710 International Study (3 - As Needed) A travel study course emphasizing the problems and decisions facing managers of international businesses, the environment in which these businesses operate, and ways of integrating the coordinating programs in diverse markets. Particular emphasis is placed upon recognition of relevant cultural factors which affect the manager's decisions.

790-798 Special Topics in Business (3 - As Needed) An intensive study of selected topics of contemporary interest in the field of business. Maximum credit available for this course is six hours.

799 Independent Study in Business Administration (3 - As Needed) Special advanced research projects undertaken individually under the supervision of the faculty. Maximum credit available for this course is nine hours.