Courses Offered by Department of Communications

Communications 100 Survey of Mass Media
Communications 200 News Writing
Communications 210 Introduction to Journalism
Communications 220 Voice and Diction
Communications 230 Public Speaking
Communications 231 Interpersonal Communication
Communications 250 Introduction to Broadcasting
Communications 300 News Gathering
Communications 305 Copy Editing, Computerized Design and Layout
Communications 310 History of Mass Media
Communications 315 Writing for Broadcast Media
Communications 320 Writing Features and Editorials
Communications 322 Desktop Publishing/Presentation Graphics
Communications 323 Communications and the World Wide Web
Communications 324 Introduction to Interactive Multimedia
Communications 325 Principles of Advertising
Communications 326 Principles of Public Relations
Communications 327 Public Relations Techniques
Communications 328 Public Relations Research
Communications 329 Public Relations Strategy and Implementation
Communications 332 Small Group Communication
Communications 340 Film Appreciation
Communications 341 Photojournalism
Communications 350 Radio Production
Communications 360 Television Production
Communications 365 EFP/ENG
Communications 370 Television News
Communications 381 Practicum in Broadcasting
Communications 383 Practicum in Journalism
Communications 390 Newspaper Organization and Management
Communications 399 Special Topics in Communications
Communications 400 Computer Assisted Reporting
Communications 419 Broadcast Programming and Audience Measurement
Communications 420 Broadcast Management and Sales
Communications 430 Business and Professional Speech
Communications 460 Television Producing and Directing
Communications 471-472 Independent Study
Communications 475 Internship in Communications
Communications 491 (691) Communication Law and Ethics
Communications 492 Senior Seminar in Communication Theory

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.