Courses Offered by Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Business Administration 444 Practicum in Business
Business Administration 495 Executive Seminar
Business Administration 710 International Study
Business Administration 790-798 Special Topics in Business
Business Administration 799 Independent Study in Business Administration
Computer Science 200 Introduction to Computer Science and BASIC
Computer Science 201 Introduction to Computer Applications
Computer Science 221 Programming Concepts and Problem Solving I
Computer Science 222 Programming Concepts and Problem Solving II
Computer Science 226 Intermediate Programming in a Second Language
Computer Science 230 FORTRAN Programming
Computer Science 231 Computer Programming for Engineers
Computer Science 250 COBOL Programming
Computer Science 260 RPG Programming
Computer Science 290 Special Topics in Computer Science
Computer Science 301 Discrete Systems
Computer Science 320 Assembler Language and Computer Science Organization
Computer Science 325 Data Structures
Computer Science 335 Object Oriented Programming
Computer Science 340 (540) Numerical Analysis
Computer Science 350 Advanced COBOL
Computer Science 351 Object Oriented System Analysis and Design
Computer Science 352 Object Oriented Systems Development
Computer Science 360 Introduction to Computer Networks
Computer Science 380 Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science 385 Parallel Computing
Computer Science 410 (610) Data Base Management Systems
Computer Science 420 (620) Computer Organization and Architecture
Computer Science 445 (645) Computer Graphics
Computer Science 458 Decision Support and Expert Systems
Computer Science 470 (670) Organization of Programming Languages
Computer Science 475 Compilers, Interpreters, and Language Translators
Computer Science 485 (685) Computer Operating Systems
Computer Science 490 (690) Special Problems
Computer Science 495 Senior Seminar Selected Topics: [Title]
Information Systems 151 Fundamentals of Business
Information Systems 211 Introductory Spreadsheet Applications
Information Systems 212 Intermediate Spreadsheet Applications
Information Systems 213 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Information Systems 221 Introductory Database Applications
Information Systems 222 Intermediate Database Applications
Information Systems 223 Advanced Database Applications
Information Systems 231 Introductory Word Processing
Information Systems 232 Intermediate Word Processing
Information Systems 233 Advanced Word Processing
Information Systems 241 Current Productivity Tools
Information Systems 251 Office Procedures
Information Systems 310 Management Information Systems
Information Systems 331 Professional Word Processing
Information Systems 351 Business Communications
Information Systems 361 Network Administration
Information Systems 461 Automated Office Systems
Information Systems 462 Office Management
Information Systems 480 Internship in Information Systems
Information Systems 481 Current Issues in Office Information Systems
Information Systems 490 Independent Study in Information Systems
Information Systems 491 Current Issues in Information Systems
Information Systems 761 Information Systems

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.