Economics (ECON)

100 American Enterprise System (3 - Fall) An introductory elective course designed to acquaint students with the various aspects of the U.S. economy, including the free enterprise system, economic issues of public concern, government functions and policies in a market economy, and the importance of the evolving global economy.

201 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 - Fall & Spring) An introduction to the economic problem, the basics of supply and demand, national income accounting, fiscal and monetary policy, and other topics. Coreq: A college level math course.

202 Principles of Microeconomics (3 - Fall & Spring) An in-depth analysis of supply and demand, the economics of production and cost, and analysis of firm behavior in various market models, resource markets and the international economy, and other topics. Coreq: A college level math course.

311 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3 - Fall) An in-depth analysis of supply and demand and their elasticities, the allocation of resources and price determination in various market models, an analysis of consumption and marginal utility and other topics. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

312 Macroeconomic Theory (3 - Spring) A thorough analysis of aggregate demand, output, the level of employment, the price level, national income accounting and economic growth. Comparison of classical, Keynesian, and other approaches to the employment problem. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

321 International Economics (3 - Spring) An introduction to basic theories of international trade. World trade and economic growth, world trade and income distribution, basic rationale for free trade and trade protection, national policies affecting international trade, trade agreements, international cartels, international trade accounts, and foreign exchange. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

322 Economic Development (3 - Fall) The basic theories of economic development. Overview of world economic development in a historical perspective. Macroeconomic trade and government policies that have influenced international economic growth. International financial assistance to the developing world and its results. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

331 Money and Banking (3 - Spring) Nature and functions of money, role of commercial banks in the monetary and economic system, structure and function of the Federal Reserve System, monetary operations of the treasury, relationship between money and economic activity. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

333 International Business (3 - Spring, Odd Numbered Years) The domestic and international dimensions of the relationships among private enterprises, governments, and individuals in a changing world. Exploration of the role of governments in maintaining environments conducive to private enterprise including multinational businesses as well as the danger of business concentration both domestic and international. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

335 Public Finance (3 - Spring, Even Numbered Years) Public expenditures, federal and state revenue systems, budgeting and public debt management. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

351 Business Forecasting (3 - Spring, Odd Numbered Years) Study of the factors contributing to business fluctuations. A survey of the possible techniques used to analyze current conditions and to forecast future levels of activity as well as applications of selected forecasting models. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

411 Managerial Economics (3 - Fall & Spring) Application of economic theory to business decision making: emphasis on profit objectives, measurement and forecasting demands and costs. Some attention given to capital budgeting. Prereq: ECON 311 and MATH 210.

416 Development of Economic Thought (3 - Fall, Odd Numbered Years) An analysis of the origin and development of economic thought beginning with the traditional and premarket economies and continuing through mercantilism, capitalism, socialism, and the mixed economies of the twentieth century. Prereq: ECON 201-202.

417 Market Structures (3 - Fall, Odd Numbered Years) An analysis of monopoly and competition in market economies and the interrelationships of market structure, business behavior, and economic performance. Prereq: ECON 201-202 and ECON 311.

471-79 Topics in Economics (3 - ?) Selected topics in economics offered on an occasional basis for qualified students. Admission by permission of instructor only.

480 Internships in Economics (3-9 - Fall & Spring) Supervised work experience in business establishments, institutions, or other organizations matched to the student's curriculum. Prereq: Senior standing or the chair's approval.

491-492 Independent Study in Economics (3, 3 - Fall, Spring) Special research projects undertaken individually under the supervision of the faculty. Maximum credit available for independent study courses is six hours. Prereq: Senior standing.

710 Managerial Economics (3 - Fall) Applications of economic theory, management problems from an economic point of view using decision-making tools in managing enterprises.

711 Economics for Secondary Teachers (1-3 - ?) Presentation and analytical application of economic concepts with emphasis on methods of relating the concepts to students in grades 9-12. May be repeated for a maximum of three semester hours. May not be counted toward MBA or MAc degree requirements.

712 Economics for Elementary Teachers (1-3 - ?) Presentation and analytical application of economic concepts with emphasis on methods of relating the concepts to students in grades K-8. May be repeated for credit for a maximum of three semester hours. May not be counted toward MBA or MAc degree requirements.

713 Selected Topics in Economics (1-6 - ?) The study of specific topics in economics. Topics and prerequisites to be announced. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. May not be counted toward MBA or MAc degree requirements.

720 International Business and Economics (3 - Spring) The function, purpose and role of business in an international economics context. Included are multi-national firms, international monetary system, balance of payments, government regulations affecting international trade, foreign exchange markets.