Department of Educational Studies

Dr. Brenda T. Gulledge, Interim Chair
240 Gooch Hall
(901) 881-7210


Frank E. Annaratone, Michelle P. Arant, Frank S. Black, Amy M. Coleman, Bonnie Daniel, Donald DeMoulin, B.C. DeSpain, H. Ann Duncan, Cyrus M. Ellis, Robert R. Erk, Virginia C. Esch, Kathy D. Evans, Maurice H. Field, Brenda T. Gulledge, Robert L. Hartshorn, Patricia A. Hewitt, Reginald M. High, Barbara Hutcherson, Emily R. Long, James Petty, Rhonda Shanklin, Kenneth E. Vogler, Crystal K. Whitlow


The Department of Educational Studies has as its primary mission the preparation of K-12 classroom teachers, administrators, and school service personnel for the public schools in Tennessee as well as the nation. Some options exist for students desiring to obtain the skills and strategies of the education profession for use in non-public school districts in curriculum development, in-service staff development, and analysis and evaluation of school programs.

Expected Outcomes

In keeping with the Department of Educational Studies primary mission, programs are designed to prepare classroom teachers who exhibit understanding and proficiency with the following characteristics: communication, reflection/relevance and purpose, collaboration, technology, higher order thinking skills, assessment, diversity, professionalism, pedagogy skills.

Courses Offered by Department of Educational Studies

Description of Courses