Educational Studies (EDST)

290 Workshop in Education [Title of Workshop] (1-3 - As Needed) Workshop on selected topics. No more than nine hours of workshop credit may be applied to an undergraduate degree in education. Can not be repeated for credit under the same workshop title.

440 (640) Selected Problems in Education: [Title] (3 - As Needed) A study of selected problems and issues affecting education. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education or Instructor's approval.

450 (650) The School, the Teacher, and the Law (3 - As Needed) A study of the federal, state, and local laws that affect the operation of the school with special emphasis on legal rights and responsibilities of both students and school personnel.

460 (660) Education in a Pluralistic Society (3 - As Needed) The study of issues that exist in teaching culturally different students in a multicultural school setting.

710 Models of Instruction, Curriculum Development, and Advanced Teaching Strategies (3 - Fall & Summer) Advanced principles of curriculum and instruction as applied to education; study of a variety of curriculum designs used regularly or experimentally; development and organization of the curriculum; analysis of current practices, problems and trends in education; an exploration of significant alternative approaches to teaching in education. Prereq or Coreq: ELED/SEDU 781 for Initial Licensure candidates.

740 Project in Education (3 - As Needed) The student will select a specific project and develop this project through research and implementation in a specified educational setting. Prereq: 18 graduate hours and permission of instructor. May not be repeated for credit without permission of the Department of Educational Studies.

750 Advanced Computer Applications and Technologies in Education (3 - Fall) Intended to give background in microcomputer technology necessary to enable the teacher to be computer functional in the classroom use of software, word processing, use of data bases and spreadsheets, low and high resolution graphics, as well as administrative software applications. In addition, there will be a review of up-to-date technologies used in education. A research paper regarding computer applications in the student's field of study will be required. Prereq: HLRN 311, the equivalent, or demonstrated proficiency.