Courses Offered by Department of Engineering

Engineering 100 Society and Engineering
Engineering 111-112 Engineering Methods I-II
Engineering 121 Statics
Engineering 210 Engineering Design
Engineering 220 Strength of Materials
Engineering 231 Electronics I
Engineering 232 Circuit Analysis I
Engineering 241 Dynamics
Engineering 310 Engineering Materials
Engineering 311 Engineering Applications of Probability and Statistics
Engineering 313 Industrial Internship
Engineering 315-316 Engineering Analysis I-II
Engineering 317 Instrumentation and Experimental Methods
Engineering 331 Electronics II
Engineering 332 Circuit Analysis II
Engineering 340 Thermodynamics
Engineering 341 Fluid Mechanics
Engineering 350 Construction Surveying
Engineering 351 Basic Structural Analysis
Engineering 352 Transportation Engineering
Engineering 370 Vibrations
Engineering 381 Human Factors in Engineering
Engineering 410-411 Senior Research/Thesis
Engineering 412 Environmental Engineering
Engineering 413 Engineering Management
Engineering 430 Transformers and Rotating Machines
Engineering 440 Energy Systems
Engineering 450 Reinforced Concrete Design
Engineering 451 Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering 452 Steel Design
Engineering 460 Microprocessors and Computer Organization
Engineering 461 Communication Systems
Engineering 462 Linear Control Systems Design
Engineering 463 Electrical Power Systems
Engineering 464 Engineering Electromagnetics
Engineering 471 Heat Transfer
Engineering 472 Kinematics/Dynamics of Machines
Engineering 473 Machine Design
Engineering 474 Manufacturing Systems
Engineering 475 Automated Production Systems
Engineering 490 Special Topics (Title of topic)
Electrical Engineering 201-202 Circuits I-II
Industrial Engineering 310 Production Management
Industrial Engineering 312 Introduction to Management Science
Industrial Engineering 330 Quality Design and Control
Industrial Engineering 380 Engineering Economy
Industrial Engineering 402 Industrial Safety
Industrial Engineering 412 Applied Operations Management

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.