Fine Arts (FA)

310 Aesthetics (3 - Spring, Even Numbered Years) A basic course in aesthetics, dealing with such conceptual issues as the criteria of identity for works of art, the idea of style, of expression, the notion of aesthetic attitude, the relevance of artists' intentions to interpretation, and truth in literature and the arts. Analysis of these and similar notions with reference to examples from various art forms (painting, music, literature, etc.). Written reports and oral presentations are required. (Same as PHIL 310)

350 Fine Arts in Early Childhood (3 - Spring, Odd Numbered Years) Methods and activities in music, art, drama, and movement (dance) for children from birth to eight years.

410 Art Theory and Criticism (3 - Spring, Even Numbered Years) A study of historical and contemporary thought and process of art theory and criticism. The student will gain an appreciation of how their work will be understood or interpreted in a critical, professional setting.