Health (HLTH)

111 Principles and Concepts in Personal Health (3 - Fall & Spring) Development of the understandings, attitudes, and practices which contribute to better individual health.

303 Pharmacology and Sports (2 - Spring) Pharmacology and sports examines classifications, therapeutic uses, actions, and side effect/adverse reactions of major drugs related to sports activities. The focus is on athletes and their knowledge of pharmaceutical products. That knowledge base includes, but is not limited to pharmacokinetics, legal concerns, therapeutic outcome of drugs commonly used to treat athletes, protocols for over-the-counter medications, and substance abuse..

320 Advanced First Aid and CPR (3 - Fall & Spring) Procedures for emergency care and accident prevention. ARC certification in Advanced First Aid and CPR available.

35- Topics: [Selected Areas] (2, 3 - Fall & Spring) Topics in contemporary health issues. The subject matter is indicated by the third digit: 1 for substance abuse (3 hrs), 2 for environmental concerns (2 hrs), 3 for human sexuality (3 hrs), and 4 for aging populations (2 hrs). May enroll in one or more selected areas.

410 Health Education and Promotion (3 - Fall & Spring) As a guide to the field of health education and promotion, this course addresses the theoretical base needed to develop behaviors conducive to well-being or a change in behaviors conducive to health. The responsibilities and competencies for entry level health educators originally identified by the Role Delineation Project will be addressed, as well as the latest Healthy People objectives for the nation.

440 (640) Community Health (3 - Fall & Spring) Examines the scope of community health from its foundations to the health of the nation, including health care delivery, environmental and consumer health, and safety issues along with concepts of epidemiology and disease. Prereq: HLTH 111.

475 Health Methods (3 - As Needed) Introduction to a variety of methods and materials that can be utilized in teaching health content. Also, emphasis on the writing of goals and objectives, the design of unit plans and lesson plans, and the construction of evaluation instruments. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education.

485 (685) Workshop in Health: [Title of Workshop] (1-3 - As Needed) Workshop on selected topics. No more than six hours workshop credit may be applied to an undergraduate or graduate degree in education. Prereq: instructor's approval.

775 School Health Methods (3 - As Needed) Review of methods and materials available for utilization in teaching health. Designed to provide additional strategies for health instruction through examination of current health literature, characteristics of effective teaching, and techniques for planning and implementing effective programs in health.