Student Health Services

The purpose of Student Health Services is to provide students with continuous health care throughout their enrollment. A major goal is to help students develop a greater sense of responsibility to themselves and others by establishing good health care and habits. By helping students maintain a state of good health, we hope to promote their intellectual and social development. We are also available to the campus community to provide resource material and educational programs.

Student Health Services is located directly across from the northeast wing of Austin Peay Hall and has a staff of nurses and a part-time family nurse practitioner with an M.D. consultant. The staff nurses are available during the regular office hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The family nurse practitioner is available four hours per day by appointment.

To be eligible for services, the student must be enrolled in classes during that semester. A health history card must be completed and on file in the Student Health office. Services include general outpatient care, first aid care, allergy injections, limited laboratory services, vaccines, and physicals. There is no charge for an office visit; however, minimal fees are charged for certain labs and supplies. Methodist Healthcare Volunteer Hospital is located near the university and is available for medical and surgical services and emergencies, but the student must pay his/her own hospital expenses.

Students are urged to carry health insurance to cover illnesses and accidents that may occur while they are enrolled since this coverage is not provided by the institution. Information about insurance coverage available to students at low costs can be obtained at Student Health Services.

Note: All students are required to be in compliance with Tennessee Department of Health requirements regarding two MMR vaccines.