Courses Offered by Department of Health and Human Performance

Athletic Training 300 (500) Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Athletic Training 301 Evaluations of the Lower Body
Athletic Training 302 Evaluation of the Upper Body
Athletic Training 310-311-312-313 Athletic Training Clinical
Athletic Training 400 (600) Therapeutic Exercise
Athletic Training 401 Therapeutic Modalities
Athletic Training 402 Health Care Administration/Professional Development and Responsibility
Athletic Training 491-492 Athletic Training Internship
Driver Safety Education 420 (620) General Safety Education
Driver Safety Education 430 (630) Basic Driver and Traffic Safety Education
Driver Safety Education 435 (635) Advanced Driver and Traffic Safety Education
Health 111 Principles and Concepts in Personal Health
Health 303 Pharmacology and Sports
Health 320 Advanced First Aid and CPR
Health 35- Topics: [Selected Areas]
Health 410 Health Education and Promotion
Health 440 (640) Community Health
Health 475 Health Methods
Health 485 (685) Workshop in Health: [Title of Workshop]
Health 775 School Health Methods
Human Performance 205 Techniques of Sports Officiating
Human Performance 206 Tumbling, Fitness and Self-Testing Activities
Human Performance 207 Techniques in Strength and Conditioning
Human Performance 209 Professional Orientation
Human Performance 302-303 Fitness and Health Promotion Practicum
Human Performance 304 Adapted Physical Education
Human Performance 305 Applied Kinesiology
Human Performance 306-307 Sports Management Practicum
Human Performance 308-309 Clinical Classroom I-II
Human Performance 310 Developmental Physical Education for Elementary Children
Human Performance 315 Historical and Philosophical Perspectives of Physical Education
Human Performance 316-317 Exercise Science Practicum
Human Performance 320 Foundations and Sport Skills
Human Performance 350 Lifespan Motor Development
Human Performance 360 Firearm and Boating Safety
Human Performance 405 Sport Management and Administration
Human Performance 411 Clinical Classroom III
Human Performance 415 Professional Leadership
Human Performance 430 (630) Exercise Physiology
Human Performance 431 Exercise Physiology II
Human Performance 432 (632) Sports Psychology
Human Performance 440 Evaluation in Human Performance
Human Performance 460 Theory and Techniques of Coaching Baseball/Softball
Human Performance 465 The Theory and Techniques of Coaching Basketball
Human Performance 470 The Theory and Techniques of Coaching Football
Human Performance 475 The Theory and Techniques of Coaching Volleyball
Human Performance 485 (685) Workshop in Physical Education: [Title of Workshop]
Human Performance 490 Practicum
Human Performance 491 Internship
Human Performance 700 Sport Medicine for Coaches
Human Performance 710 Sport Physiology for Coaches
Human Performance 720 Sport Management for Coaches
Human Performance 730 Sport Pedagogy for Coaches
Human Performance 740 Drug Education for Coaches
Human Performance 750 Workshop on Selected Topics
Physical Activity 112 Open Water
Physical Activity 113 Advanced Scuba and Rescue
Physical Activity 114 Dive Master
Physical Activity 115 Swimming
Physical Activity 116 Lifeguard Training
Physical Activity 117 Water Safety Instructor
Physical Activity 118 Judo I
Physical Activity 119-120 Karate I-II
Physical Activity 121 Marksmanship/Weapons
Physical Activity 122 Aerobic Walking/Jogging
Physical Activity 123 Hydrorobics
Physical Activity 124 Rhythmic Aerobics
Physical Activity 125 Weight Training
Physical Activity 126 Archery
Physical Activity 127 Advanced Archery
Physical Activity 128 Badminton
Physical Activity 129 Advanced Judo
Physical Activity 130 Hapkido
Physical Activity 131 Women's Self-Defense
Physical Activity 132 Advanced Women's Self-Defense
Physical Activity 135 Golf
Physical Activity 136 Advanced Golf
Physical Activity 140 Tumbling and Gymnastics
Physical Activity 142 Intermediate Gymnastics
Physical Activity 143 Gymnastics for Cheerleading
Physical Activity 150 Pickleball and Paddle Tennis
Physical Activity 155 Racquetball
Physical Activity 160 Tennis
Physical Activity 161 Intermediate Tennis
Physical Activity 170 Special Topics in Physical Education
Physical Activity 175 Volleyball
Physical Activity 180 Intermediate Basketball
Physical Activity 185 Physical Fitness Training
Physical Activity 190 Softball
Physical Activity 195 Varsity Athletics

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.