Human Learning (HLRN)

311 Computers and Learning (3 - Fall & Spring) Familiarization with the microcomputer as pertains to the young learner. Familiarity with commonly used computer terminology, development of an awareness of different types of software, and ability to determine what constitutes good quality software. Study of word processing and emphasis as a tool for the young child.

325 Educational Psychology (3 - Fall & Spring) Introduction to the psychology of learning, and of motivational and social development. Focus on the development of learning theory, the physiological and environmental factors that influence learning and the validity of various learning paradigms.

460 (660) Learning: Birth Through Age Eight Years (3 - Fall & Spring) Exploration and knowledge of the learning process in context of parent-child, teacher-student, school-family-child relationships are the emphasis of this course. Cultural diversity and implications of diversity for children birth through age eight years and their learning are addressed. Developmentally appropriate curriculum, instructional material, environments for learning, and community resource utilization are integral components of the course. There are 15 clock hours of clinical laboratory experiences, directed observations, and limited participation in educational settings. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education and TCED 302.

490 Learning Theory and Affective Environment (3 - As Needed) An analysis of the psychological foundations of learning and the application of learning theory to classroom practice, including cognitive, affective, and behavioral approaches to classroom discipline and self-discipline. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education.