Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, PHILLIP W. DANE, M.B.A.
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Administration, WILLIAM R. KALER, M.S.
Coordinator of Athletic Development, CHARLES DEAL, M.B.A.
Athletics Business Manager and Interim Senior Woman Administrator, DANELLE FABIANICH, M.B.A.
Head Football Coach, SAM MCCORKLE, M.Ed.
Head Men's Basketball Coach, BRET CAMPBELL, M.Ed.
Co-Head Women's Basketball Coach, GARY VAN ATTA, M.Ed.
Co-Head Women's Basketball Coach, KIM VAN ATTA, M.Ed.
Head Baseball Coach, VICTOR A. CATES, M.Ed.
Head Softball Coach, DONLEY CANARY, M.S.
Head Volleyball Coach, CHRIS RUSHING, B.S.
Head Golf Coach, GROVER L. PAGE, M.Ed.
Head Women's Track Coach, JASON McKINNEY, B.S.
Head Men's Cross Country Coach,
Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach, DENNIS L. TAYLOR, M.S.
Head Women's Soccer Coach, NATHAN J. PIFER, M.A.
Head Rifle Coach, ROBERT D. BEARD, Ph.D.
Head Rodeo Coach, JOHN LUTHI, M.S.
Athletic Trainer, BART BELEW, M.S.
Athletic Trainer, JIM RAPP, M.S.
Director of Sports Information, LEE WILMOT, B.S.
Coordinator of Sports Communication, CHRIS BRINKLEY, B.S.