Courses Offered by Department of Management, Marketing, and Political Science

Business Administration 444 Practicum in Business
Business Administration 495 Executive Seminar
Business Administration 710 International Study
Business Administration 790-798 Special Topics in Business
Business Administration 799 Independent Study in Business Administration
Management 301 Organization and Management
Management 303 Organizational Behavior and Theory
Management 305 Creativity and Innovation
Management 306 Entrepreneurship
Management 310 Production Management
Management 312 Introduction to Management Science
Management 320 Advanced Statistics for Managers
Management 330 Quality Design and Control
Management 340 Labor Relations Management
Management 350 Human Resource Management
Management 412 Applied Operations Management
Management 430 Quality Management in Business
Management 440 Staffing and Performance Appraisal
Management 450 Compensation Management
Management 470 Training and Development
Management 471-49 Topics in Management
Management 480 Internship in Management
Management 481-482 Independent Study in Management
Management 490 Business Policy
Management 491 Current Issues in Human Resource Management
Management 710 Organizational Theory and Design
Management 720 Statistical Tools in Quantitative Analysis
Management 730 Operations Management
Management 740 Management of Innovation and Technology
Management 750 Human Resource Management
Management 790 Strategic Management and Business Policy
Marketing 301 Principles of Marketing
Marketing 302 Personal Selling
Marketing 310 Retailing
Marketing 320 Consumer Behavior
Marketing 330 Advertising and Promotion Management
Marketing 340 Logistics
Marketing 350 Service Marketing
Marketing 360 Marketing Research
Marketing 410 International Marketing
Marketing 440 Marketing, Business, and Environmental Ethics
Marketing 450 Business to Business Marketing
Marketing 460 Direct Marketing Management
Marketing 465 Marketing Management
Marketing 471-476 Current Topics in Marketing
Marketing 480 Internship in Marketing
Marketing 481-482 Independent Study in Marketing
Marketing 710 Marketing Strategy
Marketing 720 Services Marketing Management
Marketing 730 Channel Strategy and Management
Political Science 210-220 American Government and Politics
Political Science 303 Scope and Methods of Political Science
Political Science 312 Politics and Government of Tennessee
Political Science 314 Intergovernmental Relations
Political Science 321-322 International Relations
Political Science 333 The President and Congress
Political Science 341 Comparative European Government and Politics
Political Science 353 Administrative Law
Political Science 361 Introduction to Public Administration
Political Science 362 Introduction to Public Policy
Political Science 363 Financing Public Policy
Political Science 381 Political Parties and Elections
Political Science 382 Public Opinion and Interest Groups
Political Science 390 Paralegal Studies: Jurisprudence
Political Science 391 Paralegal Studies: Legal Terminology and Writing
Political Science 392 Paralegal Studies: Legal Research
Political Science 393 Paralegal Studies Internship in Paralegalism
Political Science 400 (600) Independent Study
Political Science 401 (601) Political Theory
Political Science 410 Political Science Internship
Political Science 420 Public Administration Internship
Political Science 431-432 American Constitutional Law
Political Science 451 (651) The Judicial Process
Political Science 467 (667) Travel-Study [Selected Topics]
Political Science 480 (680) Topics in U.S. Political Science: [Topic Title]
Political Science 490 (690) Topics in Non U.S. Political Science: [Topic Title]

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.