Reading (READ)

080 Developmental Reading (2 - Fall & Spring) A course designed to prepare freshmen for college reading demands. Emphasis upon comprehension growth and vocabulary development. Small group instruction and laboratory component. Credit is not counted toward degree requirements.

111 Effective Reading (2 - Fall & Spring) A laboratory and individualized experience designed for the freshman student who is interested in increasing level of vocabulary, inferential comprehension, and rate with research supported college-level techniques.

428 (628) Approaches to the Teaching of Reading in the Elementary School (3 - Fall & Spring) A study of various approaches and techniques in the teaching of reading for children. Prereq: Junior standing and a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

433 (633) Reading in the Content Area Classroom (3 Fall & Spring) A study of reading problems specific to content subjects, the skills necessary for reading these materials, strategies for identifying student strengths and weaknesses, followed by instruction in strategies for building reading skills in specific content areas. Prereq: Junior standing and a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

438 (638) Classroom Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems (3 - Fall & Spring) A study of the identification and analysis of specific reading disabilities followed by instruction in procedures that will remediate these difficulties. Prereq: READ 428 or READ 433.

700 Foundations of Reading (3 - As Needed) An examination of various approaches and techniques in developmental reading. Emphasis will be on advanced methodology and its theoretical basis.

710 Advanced Reading Diagnosis and Corrective Reading (3 - As Needed) Study of advanced diagnostic procedures for children who exhibit severe reading difficulties, followed by instruction in techniques for planning and implementing improvement in identifying problem reading behavior. Prereq: READ 700 or equivalent.

720 Research Based Techniques for Teaching Reading and Language Arts (3 - As Needed) A study of research findings in teaching composition, English grammar, handwriting, listening, literature, spelling, and application of new research to effective teaching of reading. Prereq: READ 700 or instructor's approval.

730 Reading as a Psycholinguistic Process (3 - As Needed) The investigation of current developments in cognitive psychology, and linguistics as they relate to understanding the reading act. Reading theories and models will be compared and evaluated. Prereq: READ 700.

740 Practicum in Reading (3 - As Needed) A field-based experience in a school setting with children who have reading problems, focusing on observation, diagnosis, planning, and implementing programs designed to bring about improvement in reading behaviors. Prereq: READ 710.