Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Merchandising (TCFM)

103 Clothing Construction and Evaluation (3 - Odd Year Spring) Basic principles of fitting, pattern alterations, and apparel construction; comparative study of factors influencing quality of ready-made garments. One one-hour lecture and two two-hour labs.

202 Fashion Selection and Personal Image (3 - Fall) Principles and elements of design applied to the personal and professional clothing needs of men and women.

300 Clothing and Human Behavior (3 - Fall) Functional and sociocultural aspects of dress and adornment in world cultures. Historical, technical, and economic influences. Prereq: Six hours of social science.

303 Textiles (3 - Spring) Consumer-oriented study of textiles emphasizing properties of fiber and fabric in relation to the selection, use, and care of apparel and household textiles. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab.

305 Fashion Industry Processes (3 - Every 2 Years) Survey of the fashion industry from apparel production to marketing and distribution.

306 Visual Merchandising (3 - Spring) The exploration of creative techniques utilized in the display of retail fashion merchandise and their effective application to the enhancement of product saleability; to include presentation strategies for use with clients. A study of local and regional markets. Prereq: INTD 100 or TCFM 202.

307 Fashion Promotion (3 - Odd Year Fall) Fashion marketing communication techniques used to promote fashion merchandise. Evaluation of fashion retail sales promotion strategies.

308 Buying Functions in Merchandising (3 - Even Year Fall) A comprehensive analysis of the buying structure, institutions, and environments. Emphasis on buying practices, activities, techniques, and underlying concepts fundamental to merchandising; computer applications. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: MATH 140

309 Fashion Merchandising Tour (1 - At Least Once A Year) Tour of wholesale and retail establishments in national fashion centers. A maximum of three hours credit can be counted toward a major. Prereq: Family and Consumer Sciences majors only or instructor's permission.

405 Fashion Chronology (3 - Even Year Spring) Apparel from ancient to modern times; factors influencing the development of contemporary fashion.

412 (612) Environmental Textiles (3 - Irregular) Selection of textiles based on design, use, and care in environmental applications. Prereq: TCFM 303 recommended.

415 (615) Fashion Design (4 - Irregular) Principles of fashion design using flat pattern techniques and computer aided design applications; including advanced clothing construction techniques. One one-hour lecture, two three-hour labs. Prereq: TCFM 103 or instructor’s approval. Graduate students will be required to complete a research project resulting in a written paper.

702 The Textiles and Clothing Consumer (3 - Irregular) Consumer problems as encountered during the life cycle; legislation and quality standards of current textile products.

703 Textile and Apparel Industry Issues (3 - Irregular) Domestic and international issues of current importance in the textile and apparel industry; production, consumption, and governmental policies.

704 Social, Psychological, and Aesthetic Analysis of Apparel (3 - Irregular) Analysis of social science theories and concepts applicable to clothing and appearance.