The UT Martin Freshman Experience

The UT Martin Freshman Experience is a very special and unique program designed to help students with their transition to college life. The first phase of the Freshman Experience is SOAR, Summer Orientation and Registration. During SOAR, prospective students take placement tests, meet with academic advisors, and register for classes. Also, students and parents receive information about various student services including housing, financial aid, and student activities. There are four SOAR sessions scheduled during the spring and summer.

The second phase of the UT Martin Freshman Experience involves the active participation of students in Freshman Studies. Freshman Studies begins one week prior to the start of classes in the Fall Semester with Freshman Welcome Week. It is an action-packed week where students learn more about the programs, services, and student life opportunities available for them at UT Martin. At the beginning of Welcome Week each student is assigned to a group of students with similar academic interests. A faculty counselor and a peer counselor (PEP leader) lead the group during Welcome Week and throughout the Freshman Experience. It is during this week that students begin their Freshman Studies class with their group. This is a credit class which focuses on the strategies and skills needed to experience success in the collegiate environment. The class meets four times during Welcome Week and then once a week for the Fall Semester.

The final phase of the Freshman Experience involves the student's participation in scheduled meetings with their PEP leader. Students meet individually with their PEP leader several times during the academic year. The purpose of these meetings is to gauge the progress of each student during their freshman year and to assist them with making any adjustments that will contribute to their success as a UT Martin student.

The University strongly encourages all freshmen to take part in the Freshman Experience. It is the best way to begin to live the total collegiate experience at UT Martin.