Graduate Programs & Admissions

Graduate Programs

For information regarding the Graduate Programs contact:

Dr. Victoria S. Seng
Dean of Graduate Studies
309 Administration Building
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, Tennessee 38238
731-881-7499 fax

Graduate Program in Agricultural Operations Management

Master of Science in Agricultural Operations Management

Dr. Tim Burcham
Coordinator of Graduate Program in Agricultural Operations Management
254 Brehm Hall

Graduate Program in Family and Consumer Sciences

Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences

Dr. Lisa LeBleu
Coordinator of Graduate Program in Family and Consumer Sciences
340B Gooch Hall

Graduate Programs in Business

Master of Accountancy
Master of Business Administration

Dr. Richard Griffin
Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Business
133 Business Administration Building
1-888-293-5822 toll-free

Dr. Michael McCullough
Coordinator of Graduate Business Programs in Jackson
214 Jones Hall
Lambuth University
Jackson, TN 38305

Graduate Program in Education

Master of Science in Education

Dr. Bonnie Daniel
Interim Coordinator of Graduate Program in Education
237 Gooch Hall

Coordinator of Graduate Education Program in Jackson
214 Jones Hall
Lambuth University
Jackson, TN 38305

Admission Procedures and Requirements

General Requirements

Anyone with a bachelorŐs degree wishing to take courses for graduate credit, whether or not he/she wishes to become a candidate for a degree, must make formal application for admission to graduate study. Admission to graduate study does not make a student a candidate for a graduate degree. Only persons who have received a letter of admission from the Dean of Graduate Studies may enroll in graduate courses. An applicant may be admitted at the beginning of any semester. The Graduate Studies Office, however, cannot guarantee that an application will be processed if it does not arrive at least fourteen (14) days prior to the opening date of a semester or session. All documents used for admission purposes become the property of The University of Tennessee at Martin and will not be returned. Students have the right to review their individual files.

Admission requirements for the M.S. in Agricultural Operations Management, M.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences, M.Ac. and M.B.A. in Business, and M.S. in Education can be found on the following pages.


Students who were previously enrolled as graduate students at UT Martin but have not been enrolled for one semester (excluding summer), must submit an updated application form in order to reactivate their files.

Procedures for Admission
  1. Obtain an application for admission from the Graduate Studies Office, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tennessee, 38238.
  2. Return the completed application form with a check or money order for the $25 non-refundable application fee ($50 for foreign students).
  3. Request the registrars of all colleges and universities attended to send one official transcript directly to the Graduate Studies Office.
  4. Request that official scores on the appropriate qualifying examination be sent directly to the Graduate Studies Office by the testing agency. NTE scores may be certified by the superintendent's office of school systems in which one has worked if the score is no longer available from the testing agency.
  5. Foreign students must also follow the special instructions detailed in ŇForeign Students.

A decision on admission cannot be made until all of these procedures have been completed and official documents have been received. Students who have not been admitted may not register for classes.

Each applicant is responsible for arranging the appropriate qualifying examination and for requesting the transmission of scores directly to the Graduate Studies Office from the Educational Testing Service.

Computer-based testing is available for the GRE General, GMAT, and MAT. Contact the UT Martin Test Center (731-881-7702) for registration information.

Foreign Students

The University of Tennessee at Martin has an active foreign student program. The University wishes to encourage qualified degree-seeking graduate students from other countries, in fairness to such students, must emphasize that no fellowships or other financial aid are currently available for beginning foreign students.

Applicants for graduate school admission from foreign countries must furnish the following in addition to meeting all entrance requirements:

  1. A completed, signed application including an accurate chronological outline of all previous education.
  2. Official school or university transcript(s) with certified translations if the records are in a language other than English. Transcripts must include descriptive titles of courses studied and grades gained in final examinations.
  3. Draft or money order for the $50 non-refundable application fee.
  4. Official report of a score of at least 525 (paper/pencil) or 197 (computer based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), unless the applicantŐs native language is English or the applicant has earned a baccalaureate or higher-level degree within the past three years from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States.
  5. A completed, signed confidential financial statement. (The university reserves the right to require foreign students to submit a deposit before registering for classes.)
  6. A completed health statement on the form provided by the university.
  7. A brief handwritten statement about the course of study the student plans to follow and how it relates to his/her career objectives.

All materials should be in the International Programs Office well in advance of the semester in which the applicant plans to enroll. An accepted applicant will be issued a letter of admission and an I-20 form, which will be necessary to obtain a student visa. Students must appear on campus no later than the date specified on the I-20 form.

A foreign student whose use of the English language appears to be inadequate after he/she arrives at the university will be required to take an English proficiency examination. If the student cannot pass this examination, he/she will be required to enroll in a course in English for foreign students.