Orientation and Enrollment

To ease the transition from high school to college, UT Martin offers students an opportunity to participate in the Freshman Experience beginning with SOAR. Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) programs begin in April and continue throughout the summer. Students who attend SOAR will take placement tests, meet with an advisor and register for fall semester classes. Parents will also be involved in information sessions during the one-and-one-half-day program.

The second phase of orientation is the traditional Freshman Studies program. Freshman Studies will be offered to new students four days prior to fall semester through the Division of Student Affairs. A faculty member with the assistance of an upperclass peer counselor conducts a credit course on how to study effectively. Weekly meetings with the faculty counselor continue during the fall semester. Information about the program will be mailed to all students who apply for admission.

A health history form will be provided prior to registration and should be returned to the Office of Student Health Services upon enrollment.

Each student is required to have an identification card with a photograph and Social Security Number issued from the university at the time of enrollment.