Services To Students

The following offices work in cooperation with UT Martin's Division of Student Affairs, helping students adjust to their new and growing responsibilities:

The Division of Academic Affairs coordinates programs and services related to academic advising and learning assistance. Professors who are assigned as advisors provide academic counseling. Besides the many kinds of assistance provided by academic departments and individual faculty and staff members, UT Martin offers coordinated learning support through Academic Support Services.

Boling University Center

The Boling University Center is the student services center for the campus community. These services include: post office, computer store, fitness center, gameroom, automated teller machines, Sodexho (food) Services, University Bookstore, Skyhawk Card Service, Telephone Services, Counseling and Career Services, Student Government Association, Student Activities Council, Black Student Association, Employment Information Services, and Information Center (Information Desk, campus operator/call center, facility reservations/administration, ticket sales, campus schedules, public internet access, photocopying, etc.).

The Boling University Center also has multi-purpose meeting facilities that can accomodate meetings of groups from 6 to 600. Special meeting spaces include a 500-seat auditorium/theater, 70-seat tiered "classroom" and a ballroom. All spaces can accommodate access to telephone and data lines. Catering is available from Sodexho Services (the University's food service provider).

The Boling University Center is located in the center of campus in close proximity to the residential and academic areas of campus and is available for use by students and the campus community.

The University Bookstore housed in the Boling University Center, the University Bookstore provides a convenient place for the purchase of books, stationery, athletic goods and other supplies students might need. The store is modern and completely self-service.

Students can sell used textbooks back to the bookstore. For specific repurchase guidelines, contact the bookstore.

Hours of service are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, and from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays (not open on Saturdays during the summer).

Boling University Center

Campus Recreation

UT Martin's Office of Campus Recreation is committed to recreation and fitness as components of a balanced lifestyle. Campus Recreation offers a wide variety of recreational and competitive programs for students, faculty/staff, and the community. Active participation is the general aim of the program with emphasis given to such basic needs as relaxing, belonging and achieving, as they relate to good health and fitness. Campus Recreation offers programs in intramural sports, individual and dual sports, leisure activities, aquatics, outdoor recreation, fitness, sports clubs and a host of special events. Indoor recreational facilities include an Olympic indoor swimming pool, seven racquetball courts, a running/walking track, weight room, and Skyhawk Arena which contains six basketball, volleyball, and tennis court combinations. The outdoor facilities include a 1.5 mile fitness trail, 16 tennis courts, a soccer field and the lighted intramural playing fields. There are also several opportunities for student employment in Campus Recreation. The jobs available include sports officiating, lifeguarding, and various recreation and facility management positions. For additional information about the Office of Campus Recreation, call 731-881-7745 or view the office's Web site at

Computer Services

UT Martin's Office of Computer Services, located in Crisp Hall, provides computing facilities and services for research, instruction and administrative computing. Campus facilities include a Sun ES 5000 server, some additional Sun server computers, and several computer laboratories containing a total of 185 microcomputers. All microcomputers are attached to the campus network, which provides online access to the campus facilities and to most of the central computers at the University of Tennessee. The office's electronic communication network is connected to the Internet. Administrative computing is accomplished through a combination of the campus's Sun servers and the central computers in Knoxville. All residence hall rooms and campus apartments have ports for connection to the Internet. The office also operates a campus computer store, a computer repair service, telephone technical services, copier maintenance service and a cable television system.

Office of Computer Services

Counseling and Career Services

This office provides support services that help each student grow and develop emotionally, intellectually and interpersonally. All currently registered students are eligible for services at the Counseling Center. Generally, counseling services are free, although there may be a minimal fee for certain types of psychological and career testing. Services include:

  • personal counseling
  • career counseling (including assistance with choosing an academic major)
  • vocational assessment
  • outreach educational programs

The office is located at 213 Boling University Center. For additional information, go to the Web under Student Resources at or call 731-881-7720.

Personal counseling is conducted by mental health professionals who understand the stresses of college life. Students typically seek help for relationship problems, academic concerns, stress and time management, or mood issues such as anxiety or depression. All services and records are treated with strict confidentiality as governed by professional ethics and laws.

The Office of Counseling and Career Services, located in 213 Boling University Center, assists students, prospective students and alumni with career decisions. Career testing to determine occupations which best fit an individual's aptitude, interests, personality and values is available. Counseling is available regarding academic majors, career choices and vocational goals. Career exploration classes are offered for academic credit during the fall and spring semesters. Additional information on specific occupations is available through an extensive career library. For additional information, call 731-881-7720.

The Student Employment Program is an opportunity for students to find part-time and temporary on and off campus employment while enrolled at UT Martin. Students are allowed to participate free of charge and regardless of their financial needs. Students must go to 215 Boling University Center and make application each semester to be eligible for employment. For additional information, call 731-881-7740.

Employment Information Services provides assistance to degree candidates and alumni in securing professional employment. The services are free and available year-round. Candidates for degrees are encouraged to set up a graduate file early in their senior year to take advantage of the various employment services offered.

  • resume referrals
  • on campus interviews
  • career fair
  • employer publications
  • job vacancy listings
  • resume and interview assistance

For additional information, call 731-881-7740.

Counseling & Career Services

Dining Services

Sodexho Campus Dining Services is located in the Boling University Center. The Skyhawk Cafeteria offers complete meal service and a wide variety of dining options. All incoming freshmen who live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan for two semesters. A choice of 21, 15 and 10 meals per week is available. Block plans are available for returning students.

In addition, the Food Court offers speciality eateries such as Etc. Etc. offering a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, beverages, and fries. Orville and Wilbur's feature a variety of chicken specialities. Pizza Hut serves "Personal Pan" pizza and bread or cheese sticks. There are also a variety of breakfast items including sandwiches, muffins, danishes, and gourmet coffee. A convenience store operation, J.W.'s Market, provides dairy products, groceries, candy, and miscellaneous items.

For specially catered functions, the university center has facilities to accommodate groups from 10 to 500. Room reservations are made at the university center office. Information, menus, and pricing are available from the Catering Office at Campus Dining Services.

Sodexho Campus Dining Services

The Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs offers a wide variety of services to international students. Included among the services are counseling, sponsorship of extracurricular and cultural activities, and maintenance of appropriate records. The office also provides federal forms needed by international students and seeks to promote international understanding.

The Office of International Programs coordinates the university's sister college relationships with Hirosaki University, Hirosaki, Japan; Niijima Gakuen Women's Junior College, Takasaki, Japan; Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Hiroshima, Japan; Takasaki City University of Economics, Takasaki, Japan; Ling Tung College, Taichung, Taiwan; Hansung University, Seoul, Korea; and Incheon University, Incheon, Korea. The Office of International Programs also coordinates professor and student exchanges with Hirosaki University. It designs and implements short-term educational/cultural programming for student groups from our sister university/college relationships such as those of Niijima Gakuen Women's Junior College and Takasaki City University of Economics as well as from other educational institutions. The office holds membership in the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, the University Consortium of Intensive English Programs and the American Association of Intensive English Programs.

The office has administrative responsibility for the Tennessee Intensive English Program, which provides instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL). This program offers courses at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is offered each term for all international students.

International students applying to The University of Tennessee at Martin must present evidence of a minimum TOEFL score of 500 (paper/pencil) or 173 (computer based) or above and the equivalent of at least a C+ average in high school. (See "Undergraduate Admission Procedures and Requirements" section for instructions for international students.) Students who have a score below that level must study in the Intensive English Language Program until that score is obtained or until they have satisfactorily completed Level 6 of the English Program. Applicants must also furnish evidence of financial responsibility and have a complete physical examination before arriving at the university. Applications and other forms and information may be obtained by writing to: Director, International Programs, International Programs Suite, 144 Gooch Hall, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tennessee 38238.

Office of International Programs

Margaret N. Perry Children's Center

The Margaret N. Perry Children's Center provides quality care for children of UT Martin students, faculty and staff, and community members. Student-parents are given first priority, and children with special needs are included at the center.

The state-of-the-art facility is licensed and provides part-day and full-day care for children six weeks to 12 years of age.

The children's center also serves as a laboratory setting for students in many of UT Martin's academic departments including family and consumer sciences and educational studies. Students observe children's behavior and gain practical experience in the planning and implementation of activities. Professional staff supervise these students as they plan developmentally appropriate activities and curricula. The academic components are supervised by the director in cooperation with other UT Martin faculty. The children's center is administered through the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. Information about fees and services may be obtained by calling the director, 731-881-7715.

Minority Affairs

The Office of Minority Affairs exists to provide support to the minority students at the University of Tennessee at Martin. In order to do so, the office seeks to identify the academic, cultural, economic, social and other needs of minority students. It then works to centralize and coordinate a holistic program of the University efforts to cultivate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the campus by communicating these needs, along with recommendations for meeting them, to other units on campus; providing programs and services that enhance the personal, social, educational and cultural development of students; and actively engaging in efforts to encourage students of color to participate in and contribute to the life of the campus.

The Office of Minority Affairs endeavors to serve the UT Martin community as a multicultural resource. The office seeks to provide educational opportunities that assist majority and minority students in identifying commonalities and recognizing, understanding, accepting, respecting and valuing their differences.

Located in 172 Clement Hall, the Office of Minority Affairs advises several student organizations, including the Black Student Association and the Collegiates (Gospel Choir). The office also administers the Harold Conner Scholarship Program and Young Scholars Academy, a summer pre-university experience for high school students.

Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health Services is to provide students with timely, quality health care throughout their enrollment and to assist students in developing a greater sense of responsibility to themselves and others by establishing good health care and habits. By helping students maintain a state of good health, we hope to promote their intellectual and social development. We are also available to the campus community to provide resource material and educational programs.

Student Health Services is located directly across from the northeast wing of Austin Peay Hall and has a staff of nurses and a part-time family nurse practitioner with an M.D. consultant. The staff nurses are available during the regular office hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. while classes are in session. The family nurse practitioner is available four hours per day during spring and fall semesters and two to three hours during summer semesters by appointment.

To be eligible for services, one must be enrolled in classes during that semester. A health history card must be completed and on file in the Student Health office. Services include general outpatient care, first aid care, emergency care, limited laboratory services, vaccines, and physicals. There is no charge for an office visit; however, minimal fees are charged for certain labs and supplies. Methodist Healthcare Volunteer Hospital is located near the university and is available for medical and surgical services and emergencies, but the student must pay his/her own hospital expenses.

Students are urged to carry health insurance to cover illnesses and accidents that may occur while they are enrolled since this coverage is not provided by the institution. Information about insurance coverage available to students at low costs can be obtained at Student Health Services.

Note: All students are required to be in compliance with Tennessee Department of Health requirements regarding two MMR vaccines.

Student Health Services

The Paul Meek Library

The Paul Meek Library was renovated and expanded in 1995 as an attractive 120,000-square-foot structure containing an all-night study area, a student computer lab, a faculty multimedia lab and a variety of group study rooms. The library collection contains more than 400,000 volumes, over 4,000 videotapes and about 1,500 periodical subscriptions. In addition, the library is a selective government documents depository featuring an extensive collection of both print and electronic materials from the federal government.

The Media Services Department houses a variety of non-print media including microform, compact discs and a circulating video collection. The department offers two fully equipped media classrooms for use by classes, along with individual viewing carrels for students who wish to view or listen to material on their own. This area is also responsible for programming UT Martin's educational, entertainment and fine arts television channels, and provides downlink support for campus teleconferences.

The Alliene and Jimmie Corbitt Special Collections area supports a non-circulating collection of Tennessee regional history and genealogy. This department also maintains the library's exhibit area, houses the rare book and manuscript collection, and serves as the archival repository for the campus. Manuscript collections include the papers of Congressman Ed Jones and the legislative papers of Governor Ned Ray McWherter, as well as on-site replicas of their offices.

The library offers regular orientation classes for all freshmen, while additional library instruction is available to classes and to individuals. Library instruction programs include tours, videotapes, lectures and printed guides. A Bibliographic Instruction Room is available for teaching students about finding, understanding and using library services, collections and the larger world of information.

Books acquired by the library each year are usually made available within a few days after being received, with rapid processing being made possible by our automated acquisition and cataloging system. This system also enhances interlibrary loan service by providing fast access to collections in other libraries. In addition, the library has implemented online circulation and periodical control functions linked to the overall automation system.

Electronic resources include a host of indexing and reference databases for use by the university community. Library users can enjoy access to full-text magazine articles through the Internet-based PROQUEST system and the Tennessee Electronic Library. Other electronic offerings include FIRSTSEARCH, which provides access to numerous specialty databases, ABI INFORM, the primary database for business administration, and CINAHL, a key online resource for Nursing.

Whether in person, by telephone, or electronically, students and other library users can find help with their research needs at the Reference Desk, which is staffed by qualified librarians and available anytime the library is open. Also visit the university's Web site at for a closer look at the campus and the library.

Paul Meek Library