Undergraduate Admission

Procedures and Requirements Steps in Applying for Admission (Beginners and Transfers)

  1. Complete the application for admission and forward to the Admissions Office (Room 210 Administration Building, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tennessee 38238). An on line application is available at http://www.utm.edu.
  2. Enclose a $25 non-refundable application fee with application.
  3. First-time freshmen must have a copy of ACT scores forwarded to the Admissions Office (may be on high school transcript).*
  4. Forward a high school transcript to the Admissions Office (including courses taken during senior year). Transfer students must have transcripts forwarded from each institution attended including high school.
  5. Upon graduation, request that a final high school transcript be sent to the Admissions Office.

*Not required if applicant has been out of high school for three years or longer.

Advanced Placement and College Level Placement Examinations

A qualified applicant may earn credit by proficiency examination upon the recommendation of the dean of his/her college and the approval of the registrar. The exam must be taken prior to the last thirty (30) hours at UT Martin and a minimum grade of B scored. A recording fee of $30 is required.

An applicant may gain credit hours through Advanced Placement and/or College Level Examination (CLEP) administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Applicants who score three, four or five on Advanced Placement may receive credit for the introductory sequence in a discipline (up to eight semester hours). Applicants who score at or above the minimum score established by the university for credit in the College Level Examination Program will be awarded the amount of credit for general and subject exams as set by the university. In order to receive credit by CLEP for a specific course, a student need not register for that course. CLEP General Examinations must be taken within the first thirty (30) hours at a university/college. CLEP Subject Examinations must be taken prior to the last thirty (30) hours at UT Martin. Details on tests and testing dates are available from the Testing Center in the Office of Student Academic Support located in Clement Hall, Room 210 or 211. Students will receive a grade of "P" in these classes.

A qualified applicant may earn a maximum of 30 semester hours credit by examination.

Selective Service

All students must complete the Selective Service Draft Registration statement as a part of admission to UT Martin.