Veterans Service

The University of Tennessee at Martin is fully approved by the State Approving Agency to provide training under the Vocational Rehabilitation and War Orphans' Assistance programs, the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966, and the Veterans Educational Assistance Program.

Counseling service for veterans is available at the Office of Student Financial Assistance in room 205 of the Hall-Moody Administration Building. All students planning to enter under provisions of a veterans' educational program are urged to apply to the appropriate agency for necessary authorization well in advance of their registration date. Ten semester hours of credit will be given to students with DD214 or DD295s that show successful completion of basic training. Military schooling may not duplicate these 10 semester hours of credit. The ACE Guide is used in awarding credits for military schools. Official transcripts must be sent from the serviceperson's education office (AARTS or SMARTS transcripts are recommended) in order to receive military credit. Up to 30 semester hours of military and/or examination credit may be applied toward degree requirements.

UT Martin will certify only those courses which are included in the major field of study selected by the student; certification of "elective courses" will be limited to the number of elective hours permitted in the designated major. Electives must be selected from the academic areas prescribed in the college catalog for each specified major.

The student receiving benefits must show evidence of making "satisfactory" progress toward his/her educational objective, as defined in the college catalog. Class attendance will be a major factor in determining satisfactory academic progress.

Certification will not be allowed for any course(s) previously passed (D or above) or any course(s) designated as "incomplete." An "F" can only be repeated when it is required in the veteran's designated major.

For more information, contact 731-881-7031.