Academic Advising

UT Martin provides academic advisement to all regularly enrolled students. See the section on the Student Academic Support for the special services they offer.

The objectives of the university advisement program are:

  1. to provide students with information on policies, procedures and programs of the university
  2. to assist students in exploring educational and career opportunities
  3. to assist students in establishing life goals
  4. to assist students with the development of an educational plan of study and the selection of courses
  5. to make students aware of the range of services and educational opportunities pertinent to their educational objectives at this university.

The vice chancellor for academic affairs is responsible for the academic advisement program which is based upon a system of policies, procedures, publications, personnel and services that are adopted on a university wide basis. The deans of the individual colleges are accountable to the vice chancellor for academic affairs for the effectiveness of the advisement programs within each college. Deans of each college are responsible for implementing the academic advising system which is determined as being most effective in meeting the advising needs of the students within each college. Academic deans are responsible for the maintenance of advising files for all students enrolled in each college and for ensuring that advisors have accurate information for each new advisee assigned. Advising records available to all advisors should include the following: ACT and/or SAT student profile reports, campus placement scores, TOEFL scores (if appropriate), admission confirmation and transfer evaluation forms, academic planning worksheet, academic progress information, record of referrals to other student services and academic advising agreement. Academic deans see that files are promptly forwarded to the appropriate office or advisor when students change colleges, majors or advisors.

In support of the academic advising program, the university shall:

  1. provide advisors with current and accurate information related to student educational preparations and progress
  2. provide advisors with an Advising Handbook containing annually updated information related to policies, procedures, programs and services
  3. provide advisors with appropriate training in academic advising
  4. periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the advisement program and individual advisors using an evaluation instrument approved by the Faculty Senate and coordinated by the Division of Academic Affairs
  5. consider academic advising in tenure, promotion and merit decisions
  6. inform students of the advising and counseling services at UT Martin and stress the importance of academic advising.

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