Colleges and Departments at UT Martin

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Dean, James L. Byford, Ph.D.

Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Chair, Jerry D. Gresham, Ph.D.

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Chair, Lisa C. LeBleu, Ph.D.

Department of Military Science and Leadership
Professor, LTC Robert L. DeYeso, Jr., M.A.

Department of Nursing
Chair, Nancy A. Warren, Ph.D.

College of Business and Public Affairs
Dean, Ernest R. Moser, Ph.D.

Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics
Chair, Bob G. Figgins, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Interim Chair, Edd R. Joyner, D.B.A.

Department of Management, Marketing, and Political
Science Chair, John D. Overby, D.B.A.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Interim Dean, Frank S. Black, Ph.D.

Department of Educational Studies
Chair, Brenda T. Gulledge, Ed.D.

Department of Health and Human Performance
Chair, Paul F. Blair, Ed.D.

Department of Psychology
Chair, Gary E. Brown, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work,and Criminal Justice
Chair, Susan C. Vickerstaff, Ph.D.

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Dean, J. Douglas Sterrett, Ph.D.

Department of Biological Sciences
Chair, David W. Sammons, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry
Chair, Phillip H. Davis, Ph.D.

Department of Engineering
Interim Chair, Richard J. Helgeson, Ph.D.

Department of Geology, Geography and Physics
Interim Chair, Jefferson S. Rogers, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Chair, Deane E. Arganbright, Ph.D.

College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Dean, E. Jerald Ogg, Ph.D.

Department of Communications
Chair, Robert Nanney, Ph.D.

Department of English
Chair, Lynn M. Alexander, Ph.D.

Department of History and Philosophy
Interim Chair,David A. Coffey, Ph.D.

Department of Modern Foreign Languages
Chair, Paul B. Crapo, Ph.D.

Department of Music
Chair, Kevin J. Lambert, D.M.A.

Department of Visual and Theatre Arts
Chair, Douglas J. Cook, M.F.A.

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