General Requirements
for a Bachelor's Degree

Correspondence and Extension Work

The candidate may offer by correspondence and/or extension as much as one-fourth of the gross total hours required for the degree sought and have this work counted toward the degree. Credit for undergraduate courses in extension and/or correspondence in the major subject shall be limited to one-fourth of the total credit hours required.

Correspondence credits are not recognized by The University of Tennessee College of Law, or-except by prior permission-by The University of Tennessee Health Science Center at Memphis. Extension credits are recognized by the College of Law in accordance with the limitation set in the above paragraph. Extension credits are accepted by the Health Science Center only with prior approval of the dean of the college concerned.

Most courses offered in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences cannot be taken by correspondence for credit in meeting degree requirements at UT Martin. This policy is especially applicable to courses pertaining to teaching methods. Questions should be directed to the appropriate departmental chairpersons before registering for such correspondence courses. Decisions regarding approval will be made by the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences dean.

A student taking work for certification purposes should consult the Professional Assistant for Teacher Certification, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, as to the amount of extension and/or correspondence credit allowed for a teacher's certificate.

Seniors may take a total of six semester hours of the last 30 semester hours required for the degree by correspondence, extension and/or interactive distance learning emanating from other University of Tennessee campuses. If the candidate is a senior transfer, no work during the last semester may be taken by correspondence, extension or interactive distance learning emanating from other UT campuses.

Any student wishing to add a course by correspondence must be in good standing at UT Martin and must get the approval of the dean of the college in which the student is currently enrolled. It is strongly recommended that no course be undertaken by correspondence during the final semester before graduation.

Courses may be started at any time. A Correspondence Study Catalog, including information on enrollment, costs, credit, books, etc., may be obtained by writing to the Office of Admissions, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tennessee 38238 or calling 731-881-7020 or 1-800-829-UTM1.