Honors Programs

Dr. William Zachry, Director
Dr. Daniel McDonough, Assistant Director
David McBeth, Assistant Director


The mission of the Honors Programs is to provide an environment in which a select group of gifted and motivated students find opportunities for intellectual challenge, creative expression, cultural enrichment, and personal growth.

The responsibility for direction of Honors Programs lies with the Honors Director and Honors Council. Current Honors Programs consist of the University Scholars Program, Honors Seminar Program, and Departmental Honors courses. These programs are described under separate titles below.

Honors Core Curriculum

All students participating in Honors Programs are required to complete the Honors Core Curriculum.

Courses Credit Hours
Honors 111-112

University Scholars Program


The University Scholars Program is a sequence of courses and other activities for a selected group of talented and highly motivated students. A major goal is to provide special academic opportunities which will assist these students to perform with distinction in their careers and as citizens. Two themes characterize this program: interdisciplinary inquiry and independent study and research.

University Scholars Scholarship

Students invited into the University Scholars Program will be assured of a scholarship package totaling $5,000 for each year of their participation.

University Scholars Curriculum

The program consists of a special 10-hour curriculum consisting of seminars, reading-discussion groups, specialized studies, and a senior scholars project. All courses carry full academic credit.

Courses Credit Hours
University Scholars 118-128
University Scholars 218-228
University Scholars 318-328
University Scholars 418
University Scholars 488

Total Hours 10

The 10 hours of the University Scholars curriculum are required for graduation with the designation “University Scholar.”


Students with a minimum 28 ACT (or 1240 SAT) and 3.5 GPA are invited to apply for the program as entering freshmen. Approximately 15 entering freshmen are selected largely on the basis of the formal high school record, entrance test scores, grade-point average, personal interviews, and written essays. Students already in attendance at the university or transferring from another institution may be invited to apply for the program as sophomores on the basis of their academic record during the freshman year. Excellent grades and high recommendations from faculty members are among the criteria considered. Honors Programs will contact eligible sophomore students. Recommendation for continuation in the program is contingent upon performance.

How to Apply for the University Scholars Program

Application forms, answers to specific questions, and more information about the University Scholars Program and scholarships awarded to all University Scholars students are available from:

Honors Programs
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, Tennessee 38238

Applications should be mailed to reach the director by February 1 each year in order to receive first consideration. Students invited to participate in the University Scholars Program receive notice around March 1.

Honors Seminar Program


The Honors Seminar Program brings students and distinguished campus visitors (scholars, leaders, or artists) together in seminars and forums to discuss and examine issues and ideas.

Chancellor’s Award

Students with a minimum 28 ACT and 3.5 GPA are guaranteed this award. They must participate in the Honors Seminar Program and are assured of a scholarship of $3,000 per year for four years. Recommendation for continuation of the award into the sophomore, junior, and senior years is contingent upon performance in academic courses and in the Honors Seminar Program.

Honors Seminar Curriculum

Students participating in the Honors Seminar Program enroll in Honors Seminar courses (108, 208, 308, 408) according to their classification and receive one hour of academic credit each year. The courses carry full academic credit.


A student applies for admission to the Honors Seminar Program by completing the regular applications for admission and financial aid at UT Martin. When the Admissions Office receives the student’s ACT score and the transcript confirming the high school grade point average, the student will be notified of his/her eligibility. When the student agrees to participate in the program, the scholarship is awarded. More information and answers to specific questions about the Honors Seminar Program are available from: Director, Honors Programs, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tennessee 38238.

Departmental Honors Courses

Honors courses and honors sections of regular courses are offered in several departments. Students are admitted into these courses based upon superior academic records, and/or placement examinations. Persons interested in the honors courses listed below, and described in detail in the “Course Descriptions” section of this catalog, should direct their inquiries to the several departments.
English 111H-112H: English Composition (3, 3)
History 121H-122H: Development of World Civilization (3, 3)
Psychology 110H-120H: General Psychology (3, 3)

Courses Offered by Honors Programs

  • Honors 111 Humanity in a Global Perspective (F)
  • Honors 112 Humanity in a Social Perspective (Sp)
  • Honors Seminar 108 Honors Seminar (F, Sp)
  • Honors Seminar 208 Honors Seminar (F, Sp)
  • Honors Seminar 308 Honors Seminar (F, Sp)
  • Honors Seminar 408 Honors Seminar (F, Sp)
  • University Scholars 118 Seminar (F)
  • University Scholars 128 Seminar (Sp)
  • University Scholars 218 Reading-Discussion Group (F)
  • University Scholars 228 Reading-Discussion Group (Sp)
  • University Scholars 318 Specialized Studies (F)
  • University Scholars 328 Specialized Studies (Sp)
  • University Scholars 418 Specialized Studies (F)
  • University Scholars 488 Senior Project (Sp)

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Course Description section of the catalog.

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