101 Introduction to Anthropology (3) An overview of anthropology including the four major subdivisions of the discipline: archaeology, linguistics, physical anthropology, and social/cultural anthropology.

201 People and Culture of Asia (3) An ethnological study of cultural areas on the Asian continent.

300 Cultural Anthropology (3) An examination of theory and method in cultural anthropology as used in the analysis of multicultures. Case studies from different ethnographic settings provide the primary source material. Prereq: Anthro 101, Soc 201, or instructor's approval. (Same as Soc 300)

304 (504) Race, Class, and Power (3) Description of stratification patterns, functions and dysfunctions of such patterns, conflicts generated by race and class, and possible ways of resolving problems associated with race/class differences. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 304/504)

306 (506) Religion and Society (3) Interrelationships of society, culture, and religion. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 306/506 and Rel St 306)

341 (541) Sex Roles (3) Exploration of the nature and acquisition of social differences between males and females. Attention given to perpetuation of sex roles and to society. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 341/541)

381 (581) Special Topics (3) Selected topics of current interest in sociology and/or anthropology. (Same as Soc 381/581) Course may be repeated with different topics. Maximum of six hours of topics/courses can be counted toward the major or minor.

400 Culture and Industry (3) An examination of industrial systems in non-Western societies. Emphasis will be placed upon identifying significant cultural traits and assumptions that operate to distinguish Western and non-Western industry. Prereq: A nthro 101, Soc 201, or instructor's approval. (Same as Soc 400)

404 Social Stratification (3) An emphasis is made upon the class system of the United States with some comparisons to stratification systems of other times and societies. Theory and research appropriate to the analysis of structured social inequali ty are surveyed. Prereq: Soc 201, Anthro 101, or permission of instructor. (Same as Soc 404)

434 (634) Community, Society, and Change (3) Impact of change on community and society, contrast between urban and rural lifestyle, problems and promises of modernization. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 434/634)

441 (641) Social Research and Related Statistics (3) The scientific method applied to social phenomena, formulating and testing hypotheses, techniques of collecting data, measuring social variables, elementary statistical procedures, interpreting r esearch findings. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 441/641)

495 (695) Kinship and Informal Social Organization (3) An examination of family types and interaction patterns in different cultural settings Intrafamily relationships: premarital, marital, parental, and sibling. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 495/6 95)

497 (697) Senior Seminar (3) Readings, discussion of problems, and presentation of papers. Prereq: Soc 201. (Same as Soc 497/697)