Dr. Thomas A. Noble, Chair
111A Business Administration Building
(901) 881-7231

Tommy A. Cates, Robbie L. Green, Kevin L. Hammond, B. Wayne Kemp, John E. Knight, P. Michael McCullough, Thomas A. Noble, Festus O. Olorunniwo, John D. Overby, Narender K. Ramarapu, John M. Rayburn, John E. Timmerman, Carolyn L. Tripp


Students may select appropriate specialization electives with the advisor's consent to provide enhanced understanding of concepts of general administration, industrial management, and personnel and human resources management. A special concentration is available in administrative data systems which may replace the specialization electives.

Course Requirements for Major
Acct 311 3 Hours
Mgt 303 3 Hours
Mgt 312 3 Hours
Mgt 320 3 Hours
Mgt 350 3 Hours
Mgt 412 3 Hours
Mktg 410 3 Hours
Upper Division Management Electives 6 Hours
Upper Division Business Electives 6 Hours
Non-Business Electives 9 Hours
Free Elective 3 Hours
Total Hours 45


A concentration in administrative data systems may be completed by taking courses as designated in the following summary. These courses replace the management and non-business electives in the management major.

Course Requirements for Concentration
Comp Sc 250 3 Hours
Comp Sc 351 3 Hours
Comp Sc 352 3 Hours
Comp Sc 410 3 Hours
Inf Sys 491 3 Hours
Total Hours 15


The marketing major provides special training for students interested in positions in sales, sales planning, merchandising, marketing management, and research techniques.

Course Requirements for Major
Mgt 320 3 Hours
Mktg 320 3 Hours
Mktg 360 3 Hours
Mktg 410 3 Hours
Mktg 465 3 Hours
Mktg 340 or Mktg 450 3 Hours
300-400 Level Marketing Electives 9 Hours
300-400 Level Business Electives* 6 Hours
Non-Business Electives 9 Hours
Free Elective 3 Hours
Total Hours 45

*Up to three of these hours may be satisfied by courses from Inf Sys 211-249.