200 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3) Introduction to the philosophical and historical backgrounds, agencies and processes, purposes and functions, administration and technical problems, career orientations. This course is a prerequisite to all other criminal justice courses.

210 Principles of Law Enforcement (3) An introduction to the complex responsibilities, procedures, and policies of a law enforcement agency operating in a democratic society.

310 (510) Criminal Investigation (3) An overview of criminal investigative procedures including theory, case preparation, specific techniques, problem areas. Examination of proper methods of gathering, studying, interpreting and evaluating physical evidence.

320 (520) Criminal Procedure (3) Constitutional limitations on the use of evidence obtained by arrest, search, and interrogation. Prereq: CJ 210.

364 (564) Corrections (3) A survey of correctional methods including probation, parole, other community based corrections, and correctional institutions. (Same as Soc 364/564)

370 (570) Juvenile Justice Process (3) Law and procedure in the juvenile justice system.

390 (590) Security (3) Management of security forces in private and public places. Basic procedures in establishing and maintaining security. Techniques of administration, detection, investigation, and coordination applicable to the management of security.

400 (600) Criminal Law (3) The history, purpose, and theory of criminal law An examination of the classification of crimes and the nature of criminal liability. Prereq: CJ 210.

411-412 (611-612) Special Topics (1-3, 1-3) Selected topics of current interest and importance. Prereq: Instructor's approval.

420 (620) Criminal Evidence (3) The organization and presentation of evidence in a courtroom setting including an examination of the law of evidence.

440 (640) Advanced Criminal Procedure (3) Advanced concepts and recent court decisions relating to the constitutional limitations on arrest, search, and interrogation. Prereq: CJ 320.

450 (650) Current Issues in Criminal Justice (3) Emphasizes the professional development of criminal justice students by a critical examination of ethics, topical commentaries, articles and reports from the most recent literature in the criminal justice field. Prereq: CJ 210.

460 (660) Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (3) A critical examination of theory and practice in the criminal justice system. Research, writing and presentation of papers. Prereq: Senior standing.