Applicants must meet the graduate admission requirements for the school in which they intend to pursue graduate work, which may exceed the following minimum requirements.


Preliminary admission is available to applicants who are currently enrolled in their final semester for a baccalaureate degree at an American university/college. The Graduate Studies Office must have received official qualifying exam score(s) which equal or exceed the minimum requirement, current transcript (official or unofficial) from the institution they are currently attending, and two (2) official transcripts from any other colleges/universities attended previously.

Upon receipt of these materials, the Graduate Studies Office will calculate the cumulative GPA based on all coursework completed prior to the current semester. If the applicant meets all university and school requirements, a preliminary admission letter will be sent.


Unconditional admission requires a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university with at least a 2.50 undergraduate grade point average (GPA) on a 4.00 scale and an acceptable graduate qualifying examination score, which may vary depending on the applicant's GPA, as specified in the admission requirements of the school in which the student intends to pursue graduate work.


A student may be granted conditional admission status subject to the following conditions:

Applicants admitted as conditional students may take only two approved graduate courses as a conditional student. Conditional students must earn at least a 'B' in each approved course before they can declare a major and move to unconditional status.


In order to serve the educational needs of individuals who wish to undertake graduate study without pursuing a degree, applicants may be admitted as non-degree students in Education or Human Environmental Sciences if they have:

Non-degree students must meet all course prerequisites and receive permission to register for the course from the appropriate graduate coordinator(s).

If a non-degree student later wishes to pursue a degree, the student must:

Upon admission to a graduate degree program, a maximum of 6 semester hours of graduate credit (with at least a "B" in each course) earned as a non-degree student may be accepted in a degree program. If a student is admitted into a degree program from non-degree status, the date of the earliest course approved for graduate credit will be used as the beginning of the six-year time limit toward completion.


A student who has been admitted to a master's degree program at another institution (whether matriculated or not) and who wishes to take courses for transfer to that institution may be admitted as a transient student upon receipt of an application for admission, application fee, and an official letter verifying that the student is enrolled in a graduate degree program and is in good standing at the other institution.

The transient classification is valid for one semester only and is not available to students wishing to enroll in courses in the School of Business Administration.


Applicants for admission to graduate study who have received a master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university are subject to individual review by the appropriate Graduate Program Coordinator, the Dean of the academic unit to which they seek admission, and the Director of Graduate Studies. EXCEPTION: Applicants who already have a UT Martin master's degree will automatically be accepted if applying for a degree offered by the same school as the earlier degree.

A student may obtain a second master's degree in any of the programs we offer. Courses applied toward the first degree, however, may not be applied toward the second degree. Students will take graduate electives approved by the advisor instead of repeating the required courses. The total hours for the second degree will not be reduced and a second comprehensive exam must be taken. NOTE: The current MSED with a Major in Teaching replaces the former MSED in Curriculum & Instruction; the MSED with a Major in Counseling replaces the former MSED in Educational Psychology & Guidance.


A senior at The University of Tennessee at Martin who needs less than 30 semester hours to complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree and has at least a B (3.00) cumulative average, may take sufficient work for graduate credit to make a combined total of undergraduate and graduate credit hours of not more than 15 per semester, subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Approval must be obtained each semester at registration through the Graduate Studies Office. No more than 8 semester hours of graduate credit may be taken by eligible seniors. Students wishing to apply graduate courses taken as a senior toward a master's degree program should consult the appropriate graduate program coordinator before registering for the courses.

The student must complete a graduate application for admission and pay the application fee.

Business courses offered for graduate credit are not available to seniors.


Students admitted to graduate degree programs at The University of Tennessee at Martin may under certain conditions choose graduate elective hours from courses designed primarily for another degree program. In order to enroll in a course offered primarily for another degree program, the student must have (1) prerequisites for the course offered, (2) been recommended by the graduate degree coordinator of the student's degree program, and (3) been accepted by the graduate degree coordinator of the program offering the course.


Students may audit courses subject to the approval of the advisor and of the instructor whose class is visited. Instructors have the authority to drop a student who is auditing if the student does not satisfy the requirements as outlined by the instructor when permission is granted to audit a course. Auditors may take part in laboratory or field work only by permission of the instructor, consistent with departmental policy.

For information concerning the special fee policy for totally disabled and/or senior citizens who wish to enroll in courses for non-credit, contact the Records Office (901-881-7053).


Faculty members may be admitted to the Graduate School through regular procedures. However, the following persons may not be admitted to a graduate degree program from The University of Tennessee at Martin: